Damage Dancer

Gun Barrel

GUN BARREL is a Heavy Metal band from Cologne, Germany. They describe their sound as […]
Gun Barrel - Damage Dancer album cover

GUN BARREL is a Heavy Metal band from Cologne, Germany. They describe their sound as injecting high pressure into the traditions of Heavy Metal music, and combine "Old School" misfit Rock and Roll, with "Metal Attitude" in an ingenious way, resulting in something they call "Dirty Metal Rock and Roll."  "Damage Dancer" contains twelve tracks.

A brief, tone-setting instrumental opens the album followed by the title track, "Damage Dancers."  It is groovy, old school music, reminiscent to me of acts like BLACK SABBATH and ACCEPT. A low-end, simple, driving riff carries the music, and the dirty, raspy voice of Suhl make a nice pairing with the instruments. "Bashing Through" opens with a sleazy, fuzzy sort of riff, using major chords to produce a feel-good type of feeling.  Here the hooks and melodies take center stage, and you are left with and easy listening, pleasing tune.  This is Metal they way the Europeans created it. It is hard enough to be Heavy Metal, and the riffs are kept simple, but dirty and affable. "Passion Rules" continues in this vein.  I find myself just swaying my head back and forth fluidly.  It has an elementary kind of energy to it, that you cannot help just liking. Outlandish musicianship is replaced by the focus on tight, connected riffs and unison presenting bass and drums. In "Building a Monster," for example, the conventional method of early NWOBHM is the blueprint.  Or in "Whiteout", where the main riff is just devouring.

Elements of fast-paced Southern type, down home Rock and Roll are present in "Back Alley Ruler". The band was not kidding in how they described their sound.  It is just kick-ass, hard driving, sing along, dirty Hard Rock, served up in the back of a flat-bed truck.  If ever there was a poster to describe old school Heavy Metal, this would be the band on the cover, extending their metal horns. "Ride of Dragons" is another great track with a catchy, sleazy riff.  Here you can pick up on the fun side of the band, performing for the pure love of the music. "Heading for Disaster" supports the fact that there really isn't a bad track on the album. It is easy to identify with, and even easier to enjoy. Don't look here to find insanely complicated or extreme Heavy Metal, or new material within the genre. But, if you are in the mood for upbeat, catchy tunes, here you go. The sound comes from England in the late 1970's and 1980's.

GUN BARREL keep it simple, easy, and fun. "Damage Dancer" is driving, kicking, feel-good, old school Heavy Rock and Roll that falls somewhere between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, but always with the traditions and old-school style of the genre. They compose and perform their music very well, and I can see where this type of energetic, classic style would be fun to hear live. Like early KISS, I have a feeling the live show bests the studio tracks.

8 / 10


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"Damage Dancer" Track-listing:

1. Unleashing the Hounds
2. Damage Dancers
3. Bashing Through
4. Judgement Day
5. Passion Rules
6. Building a Monster
7. Whiteout
8. Back Alley Ruler
9. Ride of Dragon
10. Heading for Disaster
11. Vultures Are Waiting
12. Rise Up to the Storm

Gun Barrel Lineup:

Patrick Suhl - Vocals
Rolf Tanzius - Guitars
Toni Pinciorli - Bass
Tomcat Kintgen - Drums

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