Bombard Your Soul

Gun Barrel

Is the term 'Power Rock 'n' Metal' applicable in our days? I'd say why not. […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 26, 2005
Gun Barrel - Bombard Your Soul album cover

Is the term 'Power Rock 'n' Metal' applicable in our days? I'd say why not. Just add this expression to the never ending list of Hard 'n' Heavy subgenres. You see, all this 'label' shit is just practical at times in order to define the level of interest the potential consumer should show. Leaving aside the philosophy of purity in Metal music, this is the case for all of us when we need to save time - and money - regarding numerous releases from countless bands.
Cologne, Germany... beer, football, cathedral(s) and Gun Barrel. Guitarist Rolf Tanzius gave life to this act back in the late 90's. Counting on the 'security' of vocalist Guido Feldhausen and bass player Holger Schulz the team - drummer data not accurate - inked a deal with Limb Music in order to record the songs for what was meant to be released as the debut effort, the Back To Suicide EP, in 2000. The follow up Power Drive LP featured drummer Toni Pinciroli and a dozen of powerful Hard 'n' Heavy tracks made a strong impression in - mainly - the European scene. Battle Tasted (production by Iron Savior's Piet Sielck with Grave Digger credited Uwe Lulis) was to follow in 2003 and endless live gigs (Wacken Open Air among them) 'pushed' the band's fame to an even higher rank, in a way that many fans (me, among them) were left awaiting a new release with much concern.
So what's it all about? Produced again by Piet Sielck and Yenz Leonhardt (Iron Savior, Kingdom Come) in the renowned Hammer (ex-Karo) and Powerhouse Studios, Bombard Your Soul features a new singer (the band replaced Guido with newcomer Xaver Drexler) and 11 ½ tunes of thunderous hard, powerful, Metal music in a rather - again - personal style (don't imagine of course anything groundbreaking). First of all, it's obvious that this band is German, not only through the vocal accent but also by the songwriting mode influence. Not referring to only-German bands, visualize the likes of Motorhead, Thunderhead (for the ones who are aware), Primal Fear, Hammerfall, Rose Tattoo, Mob Rules, Grave Digger, AC/DC, Subway To Sally, Iron Maiden (Blaze-era) and you can imagine the rest. Dirty, 'filthy' but powerful vocals, roaring bass work, rage riffs with notable solo efforts and plain-yet- commanding skin torturing sum it up to a series of cuts rather relevant for a Metal/Rock club with lotsa beerz. The same titled track is a straightforward street killer, so is Dear Mr. Devil while tracks like The Fallen Ones and I'm Alive (this could be a perfect Scorpions cover...) feature a more 'pure' character.
Without being the most dedicated Gun Barrel fan in the world, I have the feeling that this work will be the band's finest release to date. Great production, grand musical ideas, an excellent 'Ace Of Spades included' cover artwork - thanks to Dirk Illing (Black Majesty, Wizard, Paragon) - and I can't see why someone attracted to this style should not grab Bombard You Soul in the first place. I'm listening again to On The Road Again and I can already picture some late night drive with this one. Phewww... Recommended!

8 / 10


"Bombard Your Soul" Track-listing:

Begging For Awakening
Dear Mr. Devil
Down & Dirty
Fearing The Fear Of My Fears
The Fallen One
Lights And Shadows
Dive Into The Flame
Bombard Soul
Bloody Pretender
On The Road Again
I'm Alive
...Is You

Gun Barrel Lineup:

Xaver Drexler - Vocals
Rolf Tanzius - Guitars
Tom Kintgen - Bass
Toni Pinciroli - Drums

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