Future Eyes

Guards Of May

Upon first listen to GUARDS OF MAY's new album, "Future Eyes" I was pretty unimpressed. […]
By Calen Nesten
January 30, 2016
Guards Of May - Future Eyes album cover

Upon first listen to GUARDS OF MAY's new album, "Future Eyes" I was pretty unimpressed. It sounded like something a webcam model would listen to while half-assedly taking off her clothes.

Not to disparage those great women and the work they do, but most of the time, they play really bad music. It's distracting and makes my pants gnome sad (that probably tells you more about me than you need to know). Anyway, the album seems a little lackluster, the riffs and vocals sound a little watered down, it sounds flat but not necessarily bad.

I could have GUARDS OF MAY on in the background during a particularly busy day at work or while casually tapping my toes in a department store. Most of the songs have really unsatisfying endings, like they just get to the end of the vocal track and say "good enough, we're done here" and the track just ends, no build and no outro, just an abrupt end. I listened to the album a few more times and it grew on me a little, I like the light, atmospheric sound GUARDS OF MAY have and they are all good musicians.

They are a very pretty band and the singer has a pretty good voice, but they don't seem to try anything new with their songs and every track blends together after a while, nothing really sticking out as unique from one track to the other. There is a lot of talent in GUARDS OF MAY, but I believe that these guys can do better than "Future Eyes".

Like I said, I don't think the album is bad or even generic, it's unique in its own way and carries a good beat (the drummer has some serious talent) but it's just so damn boring. I wouldn't listen to the album again but I would recommend it for when a road trip when that one friend inevitably says "I don't care, just play some music", after a while they will probably either fall asleep or pick something better.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Future Eyes" Track-listing:

1. On & On
2. Annotata
3. The Rest Of Them
4. Beacons
5. Future Eyes
6. Ephemera
7. The Observer
8. Arcadia
9. Sirens
10. Numbers
11. Of Kings

Guards Of May Lineup:

Richo Harvey - Vocals
Jimmy Harden - Bass
Levi Russell - Drums
Damien Salomon - Guitar
Keita Neralic - Guitar

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