AOR and Melodic Rock, here are two styles with a multitude of bands that in […]
By Tatianny Ruiz
October 28, 2018
Groundbreaker - Groundbreaker album cover

AOR and Melodic Rock, here are two styles with a multitude of bands that in 2018 worked hard, spent the year watching the Swedes and Brits releasing album after album and today is the day to talk about one of these releases.  We are talking about the band GROUNDBREAKER and the album of the same name released by Frontiers Records on September 14, 2018 that comes to merge the best that both sides of the track has.

Nothing about the darkness of Metal today, the themes rock in love, life, end of relationships and overcoming.  We turned up the volume for the album beginning in "Over My Shoulder," a captivating track with melodious riffs and soft vocal lines and Steve's soft-heart design delivering a pleasing plan to the ears while minimalist keyboards work with a more pulsating, instantaneous energy boost.

We follow with "Will It Make You Love Me" and I just love the layers of Robert's guitars, interspersing between more vigorous riffs and short solos.  The lovely atmosphere of feelings is unbeatable.  If you're not in love you'll feel like you are as this tastes of Hard/Heavy tracks from the 80's sounding as passionate as possible, arguably my favorite on this album.

I do not know you, but if there is something about the AOR that I love are these keyboards working a more "crystal clear" atmosphere on the melodies and that's what you'll find in "Eighteen' Til I Die," vocals and instrumental take the energy to the top, and these guys know exactly where to fit each element.  The solo comes in seamlessly while Nalley keeps the bass lines sounding warm and subtle, and the same timing is maintained for "Only Time Will Tell".

But of course we got a ballad here when we got in "Tonight," and sure enough, a bit of cadence is needed through Herman's tight, minimalist drum lines.  The band takes back the initial energy of the album in "Standing Up For Love," and this could very well be in the ears of those who like JOURNEY for example.  Look, this is a band with an interesting and engaging vibration, between more melodious tracks like "Something Worth Fighting For" and others more flammable like "The Sound Of A Broken Heart," the album is laid out on a very firm basis.  By the way, this has been an awesome Frontiers job with bands like this and GROUNDBREAKER knew exactly how make it sound solid and effective.

This is undoubtedly a delightful album to listen to as you find a spell full of vigor in "The First Time" and "The Days Of Our Life," lyrics that fix in mind and integral lines from below.  Of course, we are talking about incredibly experienced musicians here.  There are no points left, everything is produced in a way that the listener is allowed to receive a generous load of musical class, harmony and quality.  Without a shadow of doubt, this is one of the best launches in the industry this year.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Groundbreaker" Track-listing:

1. Over My Shoulder
2. Will It Make You Love Me
3. Eighteen 'Til I Die
4. Only Time Will Tell
5. Tonight
6. Standing Up For Love
7. Something Worth Fighting For
8. The Sound Of A Broken Heart
9. The First Time
10.  The Days Of Our Life
11. The Way It Goes

Groundbreaker Lineup:

Steve Overland - Vocals
Robert Sall - Guitars
Nalley Pahlsson - Bass
Herman Furin - Drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards

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