Gross Misconduct

Here, a veteran metal band has released a new kind of plague upon us! GROSS […]
By Kyle Scott
December 27, 2018
Gross Misconduct - Equinox album cover

Here, a veteran metal band has released a new kind of plague upon us! GROSS MISCONDUCT have been around since the late 90s so they know well what is up when it comes to playing Thrash with an undead twist. Shredding with the likes of NAPALM DEATH, AMORPHIS, SKELETONWITCH, AMON AMARTH, and INSOMNIUM, they own a prominent place in the Heavy Metal Pantheon. From America's hat, GROSS MISCONDUCT has gathered all the fury of the Great White North's blizzards and pummels you in layers of blast beats and icy, violent riffs.

Title track "Equinox" makes its way through; a dramatic entrance punctuated by discordant howls of the tortured guitar frets and David London's bitter, driven vocals. "Exhaustive, Integral" shows off the band's penchant for technical riffs set against a backdrop of bass and sweeping oceans of tidal riffs. "Triserpentine" lights itself on the tail end of "Exhaustive, Integral", generating gigawatts of heat as the song progresses; just rolling, gathering energy until it has no choice but to burn itself out near the end, and GROSS MISCONDUCT finds themselves lost in Doom Territory for the rest of the song.

GROSS MISCONDUCT have done their best to create and play the best version of themselves in their third full-length release, and their best version extends to the very production. Being an independent band may not mean having anyone to promote your band for you, but they do get to choose when and how their message is delivered. Not to mention, they call all the shots on how they want the sound when mastering. GROSS MISCONDUCT are very confident in how Equinox turned out.

GROSS MISCONDUCT commits audio genocide in their latest achievement for Equinox, with a clearer sound production and effortless technical skill. With a focus on slow, technical chords, the rhythm of GROSS MISCONDUCT's Equinox is a dark, danse macabre through a snowy wasteland.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Equinox" Track-listing:

1. Equinox
2. A Place of Bones
3. Exhaustive, Integral
4. Triserpentine
5. After the Vuktures
6. Ocean Inferno
7. The Cloak
8. Slow Burn

Gross Misconduct Lineup:

John Kurucz - Drums
Jesse Brint - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Julian Kenchenten - Bass
David London-  Vocals (main), Guitars

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