Chapter One


Originally I was aware of the impact German born vocalist Michael Bormann has on the […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
April 12, 2015
Grindhouse - Chapter One album cover

Originally I was aware of the impact German born vocalist Michael Bormann has on the Hard Rock community but not familiar with his work. He is part of a new project called GRINDHOUSE and they have commenced "Chapter One" of their already promising career in the true Rock fashion.

GRINDHOUSE was officially founded by guitarists Piero Ventimiglio, Stefano Martolini and drummer Francesco Missale. After years of performing covers and in an IRON MAIDEN tribute band they decided to write their own material and record an album. In the summer of 2013 they enlisted the help of Bormann to sing all the vocals on the tracks.

Onto the album itself; from the word go I was immediately taken to the anthemic sounds of Stadium Hard Rock. This album almost takes you back to the huge sounds of eighty's Rock where everything from the sounds to hair is big. The solid musicianship, memorable melodies and the ability to immerse you away from reality gives "Chapter One" the perfect package for a strong debut album.

Usually I do like to pinpoint some personal favourite tracks on the record but each track on this album was different from the last. From the windmill inducing of "Titty Twister" to the perfect Hard Rock cover of Disco hit "Ain't Nobody" this album had a track to suit everyone's pallet. I am very pleased to be seeing a high rise in Hard Rock bands who take up influences from the Stadium giants as they bring this sort of atmosphere to small venues. I can just imagine GRINDHOUSE doing just that, even have their anthems reach across stadium and festival crowds.

So I am very honoured to say that GRINDHOUSE could have big things happening for them. I recommend you catch them now while you still can. If this solid album isn't proof of this then I don't know what will be.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Chapter One" Track-listing:

1. After Midnight
2. Ain't Nobody
3. The Stunt
4. The Way Out
5. The Enemy
6. Nothing Gonna Stop Me
7. Titty Twister
8. Wild Dusk
9. What A Night

Grindhouse Lineup:

Michael Bormann - Vocals
Stefano Martolini - Guitars
Giorgio Calabrese - Guitar
Piero Ventimiglio - Guitar
Andrea Cicero - Bass
Francesco Missale - Drums

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