GRIEVE was a Black Metal band from Finland. "Funeral" is the duo's first and final […]
By Alex Barnard
April 25, 2022
Grieve - Funeral album cover

GRIEVE was a Black Metal band from Finland. "Funeral" is the duo's first and final full-length album, released by Werewolf Records on January 14, 2022.

After releasing one EP, one split release and this album, GRIEVE decided to call it quits. Perhaps they wanted to remain mysterious and edgy, like most of the Black Metal bands of the 1990s. Speaking of Black Metal of the 1990s, this album sounds exactly like a time capsule from that era. You could've showed this album to Euronymous and he would've asked to sign them to Deathlike Silence Records.

As such, the album doesn't really pave any new paths forward for the genre, but keeps it in the same gloomy, under-produced state it has been since the dawn of bands like MAYHEM and GORGOROTH. However, this will no doubt please fans of "Trve Kvlt Black Metal," who despise groups like DEAFHEAVEN and KRALLICE and just want that raw, Satanic Metal of old.

The band's appreciation for the Norwegian scene is blatantly obvious, as I have previously stated. It almost feels like there's a little too much of an appreciation, though. For example, there is a riff in "Requiem of Mankind" that reminds me a lot of the main riff in "Transylvanian Hunger" by DARKTHRONE. I'm not saying they copied the riff, but they do sound awfully similar. The final track, "Funeral Path," similarly gives off a vibe to the plodding, dirge-y tracks off of "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" by BURZUM. It just goes to show that GRIEVE were not really doing anything new and exciting with this LP.

This is not to say that this album is bad, however. There are certainly great moments. "Lethal Wind of Destruction," for example, is one of the tracks where Werwolf's vocals truly shine in their tormented, jagged glory. "Winter of Torment" similarly showcases V-KhaoZ's drumming prowess, where he switches between blast beats, simple grooves, and even some jazz inflections on the hi-hats. And finally, "Nocturnal Cries" had some of my favorite collection of riffs on the entire LP.

Overall, while GRIEVE certainly didn't do anything ground-breaking on this album, they showed that this indeed seem to be the culmination of their collective talents. "Funeral" is a celebration of Traditional Black Metal in all of its depressing, morose glory. If you consider yourself a fan of this style, you will love what the band has done here.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Funeral" Track-listing:

1. Lethal Wind of Destruction
2. Winter of Torment
3. Possessed...
4. Nocturnal Cries
5. Requiem of Mankind
6. Helvetin Valtaistuin
7. Funeral Path

Grieve Lineup:

V-KhaoZ - Drums, Keyboards
Werwolf - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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