XIII Sharp

Grey Monday

GREY MONDAY is a band I hear for the first time in my life and […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 19, 2008
Grey Monday - XIII Sharp album cover

GREY MONDAY is a band I hear for the first time in my life and I don't even know the label that released this album. The fact is that it feels even better when a totally unknown band to you kicks your ass! So, let's take an inner look at Sharp XIII and see what this album can offer to us.

GREY MONDAY hails from Allmendingen, Berne, Switzerland, and the amazing thing about them is that they are really young. They are all aged between 20 and 23 years old! So, this album was produced at Little Creek Studio with the help of Franky and V.O. from the Swiss Metal band GURD, and is being released through the also Swiss Non Stop Music Records.

I will use a phrase the band has written on its Myspace page to describe their music. Why GREY MONDAY? As easy as that: This band's got a recipe against grey Mondays and the stress of everyday life: Rockin the pain away!

These youngsters surely know how to rock and they prove it in the thirteen tracks of this album! First of all, the opening track Nightmare has already managed to become my favourite one! GREY MONDAY's music could be described as modern Heavy Rock or something like this, since we have some fucking heavy and catchy guitars rocking the house here! The band has tried to 'dress' its own unique version of Heavy Rock with some modern elements and I can say that the Swiss maniacs have created a successful experiment! As it seems, the band has a wide spectrum of influences that range from METALLICA and GODSMACK to NICKELBACK, CREED and PUDDLE OF MUD.

After listening to the album several times I can say that this band has crafted a heavy as fuck modern rock weapon that will probably attract fans that belong to different scenes. Rockers, metalheads and Grunge fans will equally fall in love with such an album and I can say that I belong to all three scenes. The only thing that I think could use some improvement is the voice of Pfister, since his melodic vocals are not as good as his 'dirty' screams. Check them out mates!

7 / 10


"XIII Sharp" Track-listing:

Twilight Girl
Hate At First Sight
Two Coins
Come Closer
Shadow, I'm Your Sun
All Hallow's Eve
Mrs. Madness
The Vicious Circle

Grey Monday Lineup:

Patrik Pfister - Vocals, Keyboards
Dominik Pfister - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Philipp Stockli - Bass
Adrian Moser - Drums

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