Lifelong Days


This is the third time that this band is featured on Metal Temple, but as […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 27, 2008
Grenouer - Lifelong Days album cover

This is the third time that this band is featured on Metal Temple, but as it seems they still aren't able to convince me about their abilities. I reviewed their Border Of Misty Times album last year and their music wasn't so attractive, something that I believe for their new album, too.

The Russian metallers have been around since 1992 and were formerly a Death Metal band. Border Of Misty Times was a pure Death Metal album, but as it seems the Russians realized that they are not going to make anything from it and decided to change their musical path and head towards modern directions. With a brand new contract with Locomotive Records, GRENOUER release their new album, which has absolutely nothing with what I heard in Border Of Misty Times.

The band is a totally different act from what it was in the past, featuring modern Metal elements with many Industrial touches. As it seems, GRENOUER are trying to do what FEAR FACTORY have successfully done in the past, as well as what the great French metallers DAGOBA are doing now. The fact is that FEAR FACTORY featured some of the best and insane musicians the scene had at that time and DAGOBA took that sound and drove it even further.GRENOUER thought that if they managed to have a heavy and polished sound they could do the same.

The thing is that Lifelong Days didn't manage to convince me about the band's modern experimentation. Their music is not so bad, but when you have the real thing why compromise and look for imitators that are doing the same thing worse?

 GRENOUER - Re-Active

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Lifelong Days" Track-listing:

Indecent Loyalty
Addicted To You
Taken Off The List
With No Concern
Away From Now
Finding The One
Off The Back Of Others
The Unexpected
Employed Beggar

Grenouer Lineup:

Ind - Vocals
Motor - Guitar
Rt - Guitar
Slavij - Bass
Grave - Drums

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