Border Of Misty Times


GRENOUER? What does this name mean? What the fuck is this band? Where do they […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
January 21, 2007
Grenouer - Border Of Misty Times album cover

GRENOUER? What does this name mean? What the fuck is this band? Where do they come from? What do they play? It is more than obvious that I don't know shit about these guys over here. Maybe a short walk in the internet will be helpful. Yeah, it is helpful. What? Why did this CD came now for a review? It doesn't make any sense...

GRENOUER hail from Russia and are a Death Metal band (at least used to be). They were formed in 1992 and debuted with their demo Death Of A Bite (1993). As I understood, their line up is pretty different know. The strange thing that made such an impression on me is that this album was released in 1996! Why did they send it now? One more important thing is that this album is what GRENOUER once used to play, Death Metal. Now they play Industrial (at least that's what I read on the internet).

So, Border Of Misty Times is an album that I managed to listen to 2-3 times. GRENOUER produce (in this album) Death Metal, which at times becomes brutal and violent, and other times more technical. Even though at times the tracks get slightly melodic, GRENOUER keep on with their brutality. The riffing is very nice and the rhythm section kicks ass, but this album remains boring. The vocals are nothing extraordinary, but not bad at all. The funny thing is that I read a review on this album and the guy that wrote it said that Lord Worm (CRYPTOPSY) looks like James Hetfield (if you expected me to mention the band he plays in, better go listen to something else than Metal) in St. Anger (2003). I think it should be better if we don't talk about Death Metal people who have their own history and judge them like that. Anyway, what I want to say about this band is that while listening to the CD I had the impression that I have heard all those things they play a thousand times before and played much better. In Border Of Misty Times, GRENOUER lack of fresh ideas at the point where you just put this CD aside and listen to something better.

I don't know but this CD didn't manage to attract my attention, not even for a single second. Strange review, I am here writing about an album that was released 10 years ago. Strange world...

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Border Of Misty Times" Track-listing:

Intro: Sinhisteria
Faces Of Death
Ahriman's Heart
Postnatal Depression
When Madness Rules
Wakening Of The Lords
Songster Of Humanity's Dawn
A Memorable Fancy

Grenouer Lineup:

Andrey Ind Merzlyakov - Vocals
Viatcheslav Kolchin - Bass
Sergey Lialin - Drums
Igor Klimov - Guitar

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