Green Death

From Iowa come the Heavy Metal band GREEN DEATH and their third full length album […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
December 3, 2018
Green Death - Hallowmass album cover

From Iowa come the Heavy Metal band GREEN DEATH and their third full length album "Hallowmass". The album opens up with a short little instrumental called "Lycanthropy" which is a great intro to the second song "Bullet of Silver". The song is pretty well written and kinda catchy. The Third song "I Am Eternal" is a lot heavier than it's predecessors. The guitars played by Mark Reinking and Joe Kiplinger are really well played as well as the drums played by Ryan Berrier.

"Lament" is the fourth song on the album which is another nice little instrumental. I really enjoyed it as a transition into the fifth song "Curse the Heavens". Sol Bales really shines on this track with his vocals. The whole song is pretty good. "The Betrayed" is another pretty damn good song on the album. I can really hear Parker Willis belting out on his Bass in this one. Another song that stood out to me was the song "Sacrament". It's really catchy and has some death growls out of nowhere which was a nice addition.

Track ten "The Harvest" is a really nice upbeat song that I could definitely hear some day being played on the radio. It's really placed together well. The song "She Couldn't Live" is a slower song that has a bit of a Doom feel to it. All in all this album was pretty decent. If you're a fan of SEVENDUST and STONESOUR I am pretty sure you would get into this.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Hallowmass" Track-listing:

1. Lycanthropy
2. Bullet of Silver
3. I Am Eternal
4. Lament
5. Curse the Heavens
6. The Betrayed
7. Bad Omens
8. Sacrament
9. Messis Diaboli
10. The Harvest
11. She Couldn't Live
12. Pure Torture
13. Hallowmass
14. Sickle & Scythe

Green Death Lineup:

Sol Bales - Vocals
Mark Reinking - Guitars
Ryan Berrier - Drums
Parker Willis - Bass
Joe Kiplinger - Guitars

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