The Quiet Offspring

Green Carnation

The Quiet Offspring is the fourth album of this famous Norwegian band and I will […]
By Evi Tsitsi
February 22, 2005
Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring album cover

The Quiet Offspring is the fourth album of this famous Norwegian band and I will say that they have spectacularly changed their style. In this album you will find more Progressive Rock paths than Dark and Doom ones. I believe that this album unfolds new horizons and innovations in Green Carnation's progress.
It is known that Tchort (guitar) was a member of Emperor and Satyricon and nowadays also has the guitar duties of Blood Red Throne. Before Green Carnation had issued the Hallucination Of Despair demo in 1990, Tchort (guitarist) was offered a position within Emperor (as bassist) and so it seemed as if the band had suffered a premature death. The group was re-assembled in November of 1998. Bjorn Harstad (guitar) has also the guitar duties of In The Woods and Kjetil Nordhus (vocals) joined Trail Of Tears on a full time basis in March 2004.
Well, in this album Green Carnation escapes from the Doom and Dark elements and moves much further into Progressive Rock paths which sound very mature to my ears. Very nice rhythmical guitar riffs that sound as if they're being played by a 90's Rock band. Of course some Dark parts aren't missing and those particular parts remind me a lot of Katatonia's atmosphere, but are not as much as in their previous works. All these could have been a motive for Anders Kobro (drums) to leave the group, as he doesn't agree with this innovation and was replaced by Tommy Jackson in September 2004. The production is also very good and I really like the cover artwork.
All the songs in this album have very nice melodies as the synths brand the band's music. The heaviest tracks are Between The Gentle Small And The Standing Tall and Just When You Thing Its Safe which are very powerful but I prefer them in their more sensitive moments. Pay close attention at the guitar solo on the sixth song, Purple Door, Pitch Black and if you don't shiver, then my name's not Evi! Childs Play-Part I is a slow song with only an acoustic guitar, synths and vocals, very melodic and melancholic and I could say that it somehow reminds me of Pink Floyd. Pile Of Doubt is a very bizarre song and that's because the group has succeed in involving very nice a cheery beat with a melancholic melody. Child Play-Part II is a different version of Child Play- Part I being performed with piano and vocals only.
As I previously said, The Quiet Offspring is not only heavy or melodic but it has a sensitive Rock feeling too. There's no doubt that with this album Green Carnation will gain more fans around the world.
- Album Highlights: Dead But Dreaming, Childs Play Part I & II, Pile Of Doubt and Purple Door, Pitch Black.

8 / 10


"The Quiet Offspring" Track-listing:

The Quiet Offspring
Between The Gentle Small And The Standing Tall
Just When You Thing Its Safe
A Place For Me
The Everlasting Moment
Purple Door, Pitch Balck
Childs Play- Part I
Dead But Dreaming
Pile Of Doubt
When I Was You
Childs Play- Part II

Green Carnation Lineup:

Kjetil Nordhus - Vocals
Tchort - Guitar
Bjorn Harstad - Guitar
Stein Roger - Bass
Bernt A. Moen - Keyboards
Tommy Jackson - Drums

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