Exhumation - The Early Years

Grave Digger

When you think of German Metal bands, comes in your mind instantly bands like RUNNING […]
By SamiiMittelstaedt
November 2, 2015
Grave Digger - Exhumation - The Early Years album cover

When you think of German Metal bands, comes in your mind instantly bands like RUNNING WILD, RAGE and, of course, GRAVE DIGGER. These bands formed the FWOGHM - First Wave of German Heavy Metal. Chris Boltendahl formed the band in 1980 with the ex-guitar player Peter Masson using the name DIGGER and they release your first demo in 1982, simply called "Demo 1982". And now I'm here, listening the new compilation called "Exhumation - The Early Years" that will be release in October, 23rd by Napalm Records.

The difference in this compilation than the others, is the line-up re-recorded 13 songs from the three first albums from their career - Heavy Metal Breakdown, Witch Hunter, and War Games - with modern elements without forgetting their roots in Traditional Heavy Metal. The cover art is impeccable and The Reaper - their mascot - is more fantastic than the others.

Boltendahl's voice is better than the early years because it's lower than he was young and keeps unmistakable, like always. The riffs and solos made by Axel Ritt are better than Masson and would be a great progress when Ritt joined the band. They refreshed their melodies making current, despite they're old songs. Another point is important are the technology - now, with money, a big label, and musical cutting edge-technology - helped the band making this compilation to sound better than the original. The highlights in it are "Headbanging Man", "Witch Hunter", "Stand Up and Rock", "Heavy Metal Breakdown", "Tyrant" and "Paradise".

It's hard to talk about a compilation. Everything could tell about the songs was told by others before. If you are a GRAVE DIGGER collector, it's a mandatory item. And if you would like to listen their song for the first time, "Exhumation - The Early Years" would be a good starting point to do it.<

7 / 10


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"Exhumation - The Early Years" Track-listing:

1. Headbanging Man
2. Fire in Your Eyes
3. Witch Hunter
4. Shoot Her Down
5. Stand Up and Rock
6. Heavy Metal Breakdown
7. Enola Gay - Drop the Bomb
8. Get Away
9. We Wanna Rock You
10. Playing Fools
11. Here I Stand
12. Tyrant
13. Paradise

Grave Digger Lineup:

Chris Boltendahl - Vocals, Bass
Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt - Guitars
Jen Becker - Bass
Stefan Arnold - Drums
Marcus Kniep - Keyboards

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