Burial Ground


New album from GRAVE? Why hadn't I heard anything about this? Damn, I am excited […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 15, 2010
Grave - Burial Ground album cover

New album from GRAVE? Why hadn't I heard anything about this? Damn, I am excited only by looking the cover artwork! Classic GRAVE rotten art! Since these Swedish psychos have been really consistent for 22 years now, I guess the inside of this album will "look" (sound to be more precise) as good as the outside.

With the beast Ola Lindgren left from the original line up, since he is the only one who has been there since the beginning, GRAVE continue their deadly journey through the catacombs of Death Metal carrying one more lethal weapon, entitled "Burial Ground". Are into vintage rotten Swedish Death Metal? Do you consider GRAVE to be one of the Death Metal titans along with ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and UNLEASHED (of course you do)? Then follow me...

For those unfamiliar with the sound, the only thing you will get from "Burial Ground" is down tuned rotten guitars, bestial growls and a totally old school vibe. GRAVE is a band that is mostly known for never compromising when it comes to its music. Their brand new album offers a back to the roots direction with "punky" attitude, up-tempo songs and poisonous riffs. Despite the generally high speed though, the tempo in "Burial Ground" varies since the listener comes across violent outbreaks, as well as mid paced war hymns like "Dismembered Mind". What kind of annoyed me is that even though "Burial Ground" is a good album overall, it seems that it lacks the inspiration and the passion. Ok, it is not totally soulless (ironic that I use this word), but it surely could be a bit better.

I don't know, maybe it is because I have high expectations from these guys. They definitely meet them every time, as they did this time, but I still feel something is missing...

8 / 10


"Burial Ground" Track-listing:
  1. Liberation
  2. Semblance In Black
  3. Dismembered Mind
  4. Ridden With Belief
  5. Conquerer
  6. Outcast
  7. Sexual Mutilation
  8. Bloodtrail
  9. Burial Ground
Grave Lineup:

Ola Lindgren - Vocals, Guitar
Fredrik Isaksson - Bass
Ronnie Bergerstahl - Drums

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