From their EPK, “GRAUFAR (an old German word for the color “grey”) was founded in […]

From their EPK, “GRAUFAR (an old German word for the color “grey”) was founded in Linz, Austria at the end of 2020 and had the chance to stand on the stage of various concerts and festivals. The band complements Black Metal with Death Metal parts with melodic elements. Therefore, the common Black Metal s creams occasionally switch to low growls. On April the 13th, 2024, they will release their first album “Scordalus,” which covers different topics. The English as well as German lyrics vary between socially critical topics the dark sides of humanity and personal experiences.”

The album has six songs, and “Nyctophile” is first. It comes out of the gate like a roaring lion, with a combination of Thrash and Black Metal riffs, and some weighted accents. The vocals are somewhere in between tortured screams and gutturals at times and there is indeed some melody present. “Intrusive Thoughts” is another song that burns internally with fire and passion. It’s the vocals that make the music so far, they are incensed and raging. “Lies” was the official video release from the album, and the band pushes the gas pedal firmly to the floor. The song also has a groove to it, the kind that gets your head banging.

 “Authoritarian Scum” is more even keeled in its delivery. It leaves a heavy footprint behind in the earth, as it stomps forward with authority and pure hatred. Around the half-way mark, it draws a deep breath, and then returns with renewed vigor. The title track is a punishing and brutal affair that will leave your head aching by the end, and the band accents every note along the way with authority. “Vendetta” closes the six-track album, and it’s close to eight minutes long. It features a combination of somber tones and angry tones, kind of like the title suggests…you get even with someone, but it makes you feel empty afterwards (or does it)?

Overall, this was a fantastic album blurring the lines between Death and Black Metal, even with some melodies tossed into the madness salad. One of the most enjoyable parts was listening to how much confidence and passion that the band has with their brand of music. It’s downright bossy.

8 / 10









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"Scordalus " Track-listing:

1. Nyctophile

2. Intrusive Thoughts

3. Lies

4. Authoritarian Scum

5. Scordalus

6. Vendetta


Graufar Lineup:

Gernot Graf – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Michael Herber – Growls, Guitar

Thomas Buchmeier – Backing Vocals, Bass

René Hinum – Drums


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