Take it Easy

Grand Royale

GRANDE ROYALE  got their start in Jönköping, Sweden during the year 2013. To date they […]
By Louise Brown
September 10, 2019
Grand Royale - Take it Easy album cover

GRANDE ROYALE  got their start in Jönköping, Sweden during the year 2013. To date they have released a total of five albums, including the one being reviewed today, "Take It Easy," which will be officially released on September 13th.

The album starts off with "Bring It Up," which hits you with its old school sound immediately; and it's REALLY good. The band has stayed very true to its inspiration, which is the '70s Detroit rock scene. There's a serious groove factor within the song which puts a smile on your face as it plays. It's simply excellent. "Out Of Gas" has a lively start with a nice melody and good rhythm. It has sort of a CHEAP TRICK quality to it which I really appreciate. Even the chorus reminds me a great deal of the way the older band sounded during their heyday. The track captures the exuberance that permeated so many of the late 1970s hits. I'm having some serious flashbacks to my childhood during those days, which is pretty cool. "Hands Up" has a great intro featuring a female lead vocalist with a beautiful voice that captures your attention immediately. The song evolves into a duet that bring to mind FLEETWOOD MAC. I'm honestly delighted by what I'm hearing; it's just a great track, really! If you enjoy Classic Rock then you need to hear this selection. "Sweet Livin'" has a Southern Rock tone that is impossible to miss, even though the band insists their inspiration hails from much further north, haha. While I'm not as into the Southern Rock genre as I used to be I cant deny that the track is a fine example of what that sort of music should sound like. I'm impressed by the dedication the band shows to capturing the sound and style so authentically. It's a job well done. "Cogitator" features a different sound from the other songs mentioned before. It has more of a Hard Rock tone to it, a bit like PAT TRAVERS used to sound. The track is defiant without being arrogant or grating in attitude. Once again the overall spirit of late '70s rock has been captured perfectly. You'll really feel that way after you hear the outstanding guitar solo.

"Decelerate" begins with a guitar riff then carries on from there. It has much more funk within the music along with hard rock. I hear 1979 within this song; and since that was a good year that is not bad thing at all. I like the slight sarcasm within the lyrics, too. It's another really good song. "Ms Sunshine" is bluesy and Southern-sounding with a strong Classic Rock undertone. It too sounds incredibly authentic and makes me feel as if I've traveled back in time. "Baby You're A Fool" is very moody compared to the other songs. It's a track for rainy nights when sleep doesn't arrive when it should. It makes me think of the songs I'd listen to late at night on the radio as a child. It's melancholy without being depressing and extremely easy to appreciate. In short, fantastic! "Going Strong" has a Blues sound with a great beat. if the song doesn't get your foot tapping while you listen then you just might be dead. If a cynic like me can get into it then you really have no excuse. "Standing In My Way" has a strong bass-line that sounds a lot like some early KISS tracks. The song has an infectious spirit that is hard to ignore. The vocals have a been rock solid on the entire album, but really stand out within this selection. There are some really nice harmonies which blend with the backing music beautifully. I love this track. "On And On" ends the album on a rowdy note. The late '70s Detroit rock sound is quite strong within it, blending classic Rhythm and Blues with Classic Rock along with just a hint of funk for good measure. A fantastic choice to liven up a dull party; people will dance when they hear it, trust me on this.

Get the album, that is all I'm going to say.

10 / 10









"Take it Easy" Track-listing:

1. Bring It Up
2. Out Of Gas
3. Hands Up
4. Sweet Livin'
5. Cogitator
6. Decelerate
7. Ms Sunshine
8. Baby You're A Fool
9. Going Strong
10. Standing In My Way
11. On And On

Grand Royale Lineup:

Gustav Wremer -  Vocals, guitar
Andreas Jenå -  Guitar
Samuel Georgsson -  Bass
Johan Häll -  Drums

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