When you decide to name your band GRAND, you know you are putting a whole […]
By MetalWim
January 8, 2023
Grand - Grand album cover

When you decide to name your band GRAND, you know you are putting a whole lot of trouble in the way of all the people who want to look you up. Especially if the information that has come with my digital music files is non-existent. Just the cover. That's it. I am lucky enough that I am very aware that the record company releasing this, Frontiers Music SRL, has a proper website, so by going through them and adding the right internet searches I found all the links I needed to find the information I was looking for.

Why is that so important, I hear you ask? Well, first off I always like to be well prepared when I start typing my reviews. I write them in one go, without having preprepared any notes or such, just out of the top of my head., Secondly. GRAND have released one very impressive AOR album. "Grand" is the title, and it is quite apt. GRAND is a relative new band and are from the Stockholm area in Sweden. They were formed in 2020, and "Grand" is their debut album. it is obvious that this trio has listened to their peers with great attention, trying to use and emulate the good parts, and leaving out the lesser or even bad ones.

As you have surmised, they have succeeded in doing just that. Every song has body, a good intro and outro, the right amount of emotion and most of all, everything is played and sung exactly as you would expect from a good AOR album. It never gets any rougher either, so if you are looking for some outbursts, skip this one. Does that make "Grand" into a very predictable and boring record? Well, no, it doesn't as the songs might be as you'd like them to be, they still have enough distinguishable issues to keep them interesting.

But is GRAND treading on new grounds. That's another no, as they are doing as many have done before. and if you don't mind that, it will be the quality of the songs that will decide whether you deem "Grand" a good album or not. I can only say that I have enjoyed listening to it running up to creating this review, and I will be keeping it on my laptop as one of the albums to listen back to regularly. Yes, it's a "Grand" record by GRAND.

8 / 10









"Grand" Track-listing:

1. Caroline 4:38
2. Stone Cold 4:05
3. Make It Grand 3:28
4. The Price We Pay 4:17
5. Johnny On The Spot 4:08
6. Those Were The Days 4:25
7. Once In A Blue Moon 4:02
8. Too Late 4:16
9. After We've Said Goodbye 4:54
10. Ready When You Are 3:49
11. Anything For You 4:08

Grand Lineup:

Mattias Olofsson: Lead Vocals
Jakob Svensson: Guitars
Anton Martinez Matz: Drums

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