The Hum of the Machine

Gramma Vedetta

Here is yet another promo which came to me with no information. The statement on […]
Gramma Vedetta - The Hum of the Machine album cover

Here is yet another promo which came to me with no information. The statement on their Facebook page reads "space travels and brutalism delivered with heavy riffs and stoner grooves." Madrone Records writes "the London-based dynamic duo draws inspiration from vintage sci-fi of the late 70s and early 80s. "The Hum of the Machine" is a collection of nine scenes that tell the story of a man who seeks to remain unique in a world where compliance ensures you a place in the upper echelons of society. Throughout the album, the duo unleashes their creativity through different styles. The album contains nine tracks.

"A Chance to Win the Orb" leads off the album. Bass notes open the album with a bit of keys. The vocals are smooth and solemn...and a 70's vibe is fairly easy to pick up on. It's a pretty straightforward rocker, with no solos or much variation from the main riff. "Starlight Portal Show" begins with spoken word snippets before the main riff rolls in. The mood is somewhat jovial, especially with the harmonized vocals. The groovy twists and turns are bested only but that powerful ending riff. "Robots for War" features another simple riff that is somewhat effective at getting its point across, but these riffs are beginning to feel a bit old and overused. The bass work is pretty boss, however.

"A Broken Time Machine" is a shorter song that features soft acoustical guitars and smooth vocals. It rides through space and time cautiously. "The Electric Game" is a bit faster in its delivery but those elementary riffs still dominate the album. There are some catchy elements present here at least. "The Future of the Past" has a similar sound to the previous track. The main riff plods along but doesn't seem to be going anywhere. "Transmission's On" begins with some atmospheric elements, and a slow lead-in of drums and bass. This is Stoner rock personified...a lumbering pace that doesn't shift much or really produce any dynamism. "The General Magnetic and the Spanish Wormhole" opens with more meaty bass guitar notes. This instrumental wanders a bit but does contain some central themes.

"I Feel the Comfort (The Hum of the Machine)" closes the album. Though the pace is quicker here and there is a little bit more going on, it still falls flat. I can definitely pick up on the Stoner grooves and space travels of the album, but not so much the brutalism. The bassist is probably the best part of the album, for much of it passes without attention. This fell pretty flat for me.

5 / 10









"The Hum of the Machine" Track-listing:

1. A Chance to Win the Orb
2. Starlight Portal Show
3. Robots for War
4. A Broken Time Machine
5. The Electric Game
6. The Future of the Past
7. Transmission's On
8. The General Magnetic and the Spanish Wormhole
9. I Feel the Comfort (The Hum of the Machine)

Gramma Vedetta Lineup:

Marco Basetta - Everything

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