Need To Believe


They are one - if not the best - of Switzerland's greatest bands, as well […]
By Caterina Zoi
September 30, 2009
Gotthard - Need To Believe album cover

They are one - if not the best - of Switzerland's greatest bands, as well as one of my favorite ones. So I was very interested in listening to GOTTHARD's new album just to see if they managed to do something that would live up to my expectations as well as to the hopes of all their fans.

GOTTHARD was formed in 1992 and since now they have released 8 studio albums. Need To Believe is their 9th one. Generally this album is their third release through Nuclear Blast and I'm not sure if it's good or bad...Since Lipservice, or to say it better, since their cooperation with Nuclear Blast, I think it's pretty clear that something's wrong. I mean the songs they released since then are pretty much predictable. They are forced to release something that will sell millions of copies and I think this is when most bands lose the game.

As all GOTTHARD's albums, Need To Believe consists of great melodies that stick to your mind and an incredibly good voice (I really love Steve's voice). But in my opinion this time the recipe wasn't that good... There are some songs like Need To Believe and I Don't Mind that can stick to your mind and there are also the classic GOTTHARD ballads, Don't Let Me Down and Tears To Cry, but generally it's not an album that could be considered one of their best... By the way, Tears To Cry is a kick-ass song; maybe the best of the album. The production is very good and the cover of the album is pretty interesting...I can say I like it.

To conclude, Need To Believe is not a masterpiece... It's interesting if you have listened to all their previous albums (maybe it will disappoint you a bit). But if you have never listened to them, try to grab their first album first or generally one of their older ones.

7 / 10


"Need To Believe" Track-listing:

Unspoken Words
Need To Believe
Unconditional Faith
I Don't Mind
Break Away
Don't Let Me Know
Right From Wrong
I Know, You Know
Rebel Soul
Tears To Cry

Gotthard Lineup:

Steve Lee - Vocals
Leo Leoni - Guitars
Freddy Scherer - Guitars
Marc Lynn - Bass Guitar
Hena Habegger -  Drums, Percussion

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