The Orb


The French progressive technical death metal band GOROD recently released "The Orb," their seventh full-length […]
May 1, 2023
Gorod - The Orb album cover

The French progressive technical death metal band GOROD recently released "The Orb," their seventh full-length album. They decided to release this album independently. GOROD has been actively making music under the name GOROD since 2005. They originally started in 1997 under the name, GORGASM. GOROD was one of the first bands to turn me onto technical death metal. When I heard "Neurotripsicks," their first album under the GOROD name, I was blown away. Let's dive in and see if "The Orb" also can keep listeners on their toes.

The first track, "Chrematheism," comes out swinging. Deyres' vocals are mostly death metal growls with a few screams thrown in for good measure. The dynamism of their previous albums is still a major part of "The Orb." This track is constantly changing. If this track is any indication, then this is an album for guitar fanatics. They keep the momentum going with the following track, "We Are The Sun Gods." The intro reminds me of Christopher Arp's work with PSYOPUS. Midway through the track, they break into a jazzy jam session. In the case of this song, the jam remains linked to the structure of the song. In other words, it doesn't sound out of place at all. There is plenty of technical guitar wizardry in this track. In addition, Diers' drumming is incredibly complex.

The fourth track, "Savitri," is the most beautiful sounding on the album. From Deyres' shouted vocals, to the rapid-fire transitions, to the mid-song clean guitar breakdown, this track works incredibly well. This track is full of interesting sonic detours that explore countless swathes of metal territory. That's not to say that the rest of the album is without surprises. "The Orb" remains true to its purpose and remains compelling throughout. "Waltz Of Shades" follows the 1-2-3 waltz format perfectly. Everything that I've come to appreciate about GOROD's music is present on this track. I'm thoroughly amazed by their ability to keep up the intensity that the subgenre demands, all the while keeping the listener guessing.

"Scale Of Sorrows" is the final original GOROD song on "The Orb." The digital version includes a cover of "Strange Days" by THE DOORS. "Scale Of Sorrows" has everything that GOROD's sound exemplifies and is a perfect capstone to the album. I had a blast listening to their previous album, "Æthra." When I got the opportunity to review the follow-up, I was wondering if they could still deliver a great album after a five-year gap. They managed to exceed my expectations on every front. These tracks will steamroll the uninitiated at times, but there is always an equal and opposite counterpoint to every "extreme" element. Oftentimes, technical death metal bands get bogged down in the details and the direction is lost. GOROD are masters of keeping things interesting without overwhelming the listener.

10 / 10









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"The Orb" Track-listing:

1. Chrematheism
2. We Are the Sun Gods
3. The Orb
4. Savitri
5. Breeding Silence
6. Victory
7. Waltz of Shades
8. Scale of Sorrows

Gorod Lineup:

Julien Deyres - Vocals, Lyrics
Karol Diers - Drums
Benoit Claus - Bass
Mathieu Pascal - Guitars, Songwriting
Nicolas Alberny - Guitars

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