Live In Grieghallen


It is one of those few times that you hold two brand new releases from […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 8, 2008
Gorgoroth - Live In Grieghallen album cover

It is one of those few times that you hold two brand new releases from a band and the fact that you like this band makes it harder for you to force yourself to understand that it is not such a good move having numerous releases in one year. Anyway, I will forget about that and try not to hide my joy for holding a brand new live GORGOROTH album in my hands. After all I believe that Gaahl knows what he's doing.

The band went through some really hard times recently with Gaahl and Infernus having a public argument due to various reasons. After the civilian war in the GORGOROTH camp, the band was split in two with two GORGOROTH versions being around, although the lawyers have granted the use of the GORGOROTH trademark and logo to King and Gaahl.

So, this live performance is from the time when the band was not wasting its time on stupid statements and all out wars between them. The funny thing is that this live album is mentioned in the Infernus version GORGOROTH website, but not on the Gaahl and King one. The gig took place in Bergen, Norway and as the band says it is a must for every fan since they are playing all the GORGOROTH essential songs live.

Songs like Destroyer, Possessed (By Satan) and many (?!) others are definitely hymns for every Black Metal fan, but not only I have been disappointed with the whole situation behind the band, but this release is also nothing spectacular since it features only 8 songs and it has a running time of approximately 31 minutes! This is not a live album for me. Such a release has to be more full and feature some extra stuff that will tempt someone to put his/her money on it. I don't say I didn't enjoy it, but when it is over you just try to understand if there is a second CD and you just haven't found it in the case.

I am really confused with all the things that are happening and I am really curious to see if they are going to have this sick situation going. Regarding the live album, I recommend it to you only if you are a die hard GORGOROTH fan and you want to own everything. Otherwise, spend your money somewhere else and not on a sample of a live performance.

"Live In Grieghallen" Track-listing:

Bergtrollets Hevn
The Rite Of Infernal Invocation
Forces Of Satan Storms
Possessed (By Satan)
Unchain My Heart!!!
Profetens Apenbaring
Revelation Of Doom

Gorgoroth Lineup:

Gaahl - Vocals
Infernus - Guitar, Bass
Teloch - Guitar
Garghuf - Drums

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