Neon Graves


Florida based Death Metal duo GOREGANG release their debut full length "Neon Graves" this May […]
By V. Srikar
April 27, 2019
Goregang - Neon Graves album cover

Florida based Death Metal duo GOREGANG release their debut full length "Neon Graves" this May 20th, and it promises to be a belter, and I simply cannot wait to check this one out.

The album starts with a 1:36 min instrumental in "A Cavity in Reality", one that does pack in the full old school Death Metal juice minus the vocals. It's atmospheric, loud and tempo-building, and a perfect start to the album. "False Flags" has that thick juicy riff driven groovy old school Death Metal vibe to it, and add a bit of backing gang vocals, you got something serious in there. There are no full marks for innovation here, but what GOREGAND does best is what they promise, grind that old school Death Metal shit, the best. "Cathedral of Chemicals" is much slower and has some cool sharp solos, music reminiscent of bands like AUTOPSY and ATHEIST. "Silence is Consent" and "Spray of Teeth" both have that slam feel to it, but still keeping the roots at old school Death Metal. "Feeble-minded Rash" is full of headbanging riffs that will make your neck break, again thanks to those thick juicy riffs, and not to mention the fast paced riffs as well. The drums are just about loud and fast, all throughout the album and complement perfectly here.

The title song "Neon Graves" has that really eerie atmospheric feel to it, making the heavy sound really work to great effects, also thanks to the slower tempo of the song in general here. "Plague of Hammers" surprised me by keeping the mid-tempo pace all the way through, without going totally berserk at any point of time. The S/T song in "Goregäng" is much faster and chaotic, almost bordering Brutal Death Metal at times, and also uses the backing gang vocals to good use here. It's insane what just 2 talented musicians can create here. "Weightless Sentinels" is another chaotic fast paced song, but does get lost in this album as it doesn't offer much variety to the listener, compared to the other songs in the album. "Putrid Judgement" has that really good mid-tempo atmospheric feel to it, with the fast paced heavier parts being switched to in the latter parts of the song. Arguably the longest song of the album is also the last song here. The band tries too hard with "This Era of Human", but its an ok song, not a bad song, just an ok song for the most part, except that it does get interesting for the last minute.

Clocking just over 34 minutes, this album is one beast of an album. Its dark, filthy, nasty, old school and its Death Metal. Its got some really cool riffs, oscillating between the eerie atmospheric slamming parts to the fast paced Brutal Death Metal parts, its good for the most part. Pick this one blindly if you are a seasoned Death Metal fan.

8 / 10









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"Neon Graves" Track-listing:

1. A Cavity in Reality
2. False Flags
3. Cathedral of Chemicals
4. Silence Is Consent
5. Spray of Teeth
6. Feeble-minded Rash
7. Neon Graves
8. Plague of Hammers
9. Goregӓng
10. Weightless Sentinels
11. Putrid Judgement
12. This Era of Human

Goregang Lineup:

Taylor Nordberg - Drums
Jeramie Kling - Guitars (lead), Vocals

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