As Dawn Bleeds The Sky


As part of the mag's campaign devoted for the promotion of newcomer / unsigned bands, […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
October 7, 2013
Gorefield - As Dawn Bleeds The Sky album cover

As part of the mag's campaign devoted for the promotion of newcomer / unsigned bands, I present to you the Australian GOREFIELD.

GOREFIELD, unlike their local supreme Rock gods AC/DC, is a manifestation of old school Speed Metal, one of the truest forms of Metal music, you probably remember this orientation like the early version of METALLICA, "Kill 'Em All" era mainly, old ANTRAX, EXODUS and some others. I have already discussed the degradation of Speed and Thrash Metal in the past, well more of the Thrash decline, even though it's making some kind of come back in many forms, whether in original form or even up to the crude Death N' Roll.

I will ask a question, which I assume that the band members probably already asked themselves before, how come there was no label to host and license this album? If I take out the mediocre production of the album, possibly the cause of budget issues, I can say it upfront that the album is a killer Metal record; It brought me back directly to 1983 with the first burst of old US Metal.

The opening track, "Embrace", opens with a classic acoustic part that can be found in many earlier platters of Thrash and Speed Metal tracks. Obviously, it roughly altered to a full assault of speed attack. Rapidly, this song immediately defined the album and the course of the band's music in overall. Even with the final clincher, "As Dawn Bleeds The Sky", which appeared to be at first as the album's balladry moment, the entire release is a selection of Speed Metal prowess.

I will try and answer my early quandary. The truth is that I can't understand the reason why as this album turned amazingly good. Production isn't everything, as it can be improved in time. Maybe the band doesn't wish to be signed? Who knows really. But the fact remains, "As Dawn Bleeds The Sky" is a picture of raw mastery. If any label reads this, you have to snatch these guys to your roster and catalogue. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"As Dawn Bleeds The Sky" Track-listing:

1. Embrace
2. Love thy enemy
3. Those who say never
4. Apathy
5. Playing With Fire
6, End of The Night
7. As Dawn Bleeds The Sky

Gorefield Lineup:

Kurt Tickle - Guitar, Vocals.
BJ - Bass.
Danyn Andrews - Drums

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