Mindloss (Reissue)


Still looking in the graves of the earth for old relics and ruins of past […]
April 5, 2015
Gorefest - Mindloss (Reissue) album cover

Still looking in the graves of the earth for old relics and ruins of past legacies, with the storm of releases from left and right, the past must not be forsaken. Journeying within the midst of old school Death Metal in Europe made me realize that there is still a lot to cover, especially when it regards to the history of Dutch Death Metal. So back to the late 80's / early 90's I travel for a band which I discovered back when I was 17 years old by purchasing one of their mid era albums "Erase". Yes, I mean GOREFEST. Metal Mind Productions presented me with a brisk golden bar chance to experience the band's toddler days, when all the local Dutch scene turned into a volcano of Death Metal, by reissuing, in a single 2CD digibox, with the debut album "Mindless", originally thrown out of the womb back in 1991.

Rather similar to the old days of their brothers in arms SINISTER, THANATOS, PESTILENCE and ASYPHYX, this foursome molester crew of GOREFEST drew blood with the heaviest and meatiest perception of Metal. On the other hand, GOREFEST's material relied much less on the Occult, or the manifestation of underworld beliefs, but more on the horrific and grotesque ends of the human mind, flesh and spirit. Through their themes, for instance, I found those tasty lyrical ingredients that have always kept children scream loudly at night and might also challenge the nerves of adults.

Generally, GOREFEST share similarities to the American AUTOPSY and the British NAPALM DEATH rather to their local partners. Musically, especially on "Mindless" and the Demos it carries with it on this special packaging, I noticed the American Death Metal striving old image, which sadly now almost deceased. GOREFEST clearly weren't technical as DEATH but their rhythm guitaring flashing deathly riffery, guttural growl vocals experiencing torment and somewhat basic rhythm section truly pumped up a fistful strength from the bleeding heart nearly sucked dry. Without too much dramatic flavors, GOREFEST's music created the vision of horror it seek to produce. "Decomposed", "Putrid Stench of Human Remains", "Horrors in a Retarded Mind ", "Tangled in Gore" and even the corrosive "Mental Misery", lashed out an immense human suffering and chunk loads of pain. Sure that there is that feeling of a monotonic pattern and reoccurrence, yet as even basic as it sounds, these guys actually turned just a few stones to make it last long. As a rhythm guitar riff fan, I took pleasure of the simplistic nature of the riffs, here and there sorrowful lead guitar sparks. I also found Jan-Chris De Koeijer's vocals to be highly suitable for the band's efforts, adding that fine dimension of grotesquery and filth upon his lines.

Before "Mindless" emerged, a larger sum of the tracks that you experienced from the actual debut appeared on the two set of demos that were released 1-2 years prior to the album. Though other than the production difference there isn't that much of a change, but it is a solid option for you guys to check the pattern of development of this group right into the first album. Mostly recommended is the "Horrors In A Retarded Mind" demo, it kicks ass. In a nutshell, this is a piece of Death Metal history that you wouldn't want to miss, tag along and buy this brand new reissue.

8 / 10


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"Mindloss (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Mental Misery
3. Putrid Stench of Human Remains
4. Foetal Carnage
5. Tangled in Gore
6. Confessions of a Serial Killer
7. Horrors in a Retarded Mind
8. Loss of Flesh
9. Decomposed
10. Gorefest

"Tangled In Gore"
1. Decomposed
2. Putrid Stench of Human Remains
3. Gorefest
4. Tangled in Gore

"Horrors In A Retarded Mind"
1. Confessions of a Serial Killer
2. Loss of Flesh
3. Horrors in a Retarded Mind
4. Foetal Carnage

Gorefest Lineup:

Jan-Chris De Koeijer - Bass / Vocals
Marc Hoogendoorn - Drums
Frank Harthoorn - Guitars
Alex Van Schaik - Guitars

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