La Muerte (Reissue)


Into the new millennium, gathering themselves from the ashes of the bonfire of the past, […]
April 11, 2015
Gorefest - La Muerte (Reissue) album cover

Into the new millennium, gathering themselves from the ashes of the bonfire of the past, it appeared that the old Dutch Metal spirit still had something in to contribute to its scene and the world. So GOREFEST came back from the dead following their first breakup years back in 1998. The last time that I left GOREFEST was right when their 70's oriented music surrounding 1996's "Soul Survivor" turned into a whole lot of Groove inspired Metal, still fused with Rock, captured in the follow up record "Chapter 13". That record actually ended GOREFEST is a rather awkward note. With their reincarnation in 2005, so was their next in line "La Muerte" conceived. Metal Mind Productions once again did justice for the old Dutch relics, by reigniting the sounds on this album that only a decade ago were freshly bred.

Emerging back from the grave may have knocked something within the working minds of the GOREFEST crew. I wouldn't exactly admit that this is a comeback to the old early 90's roots of purified Death Metal, yet it is far from the late 90's cacophony of "Chapter 13", which although set an interest but in comparison to both past and future of the band, it was the lesser evil. GOREFEST clung to the infesting Groove but returning to the previous legacy for just a little for the creation of ample modern Death Metal. However, the sound and general feel led me into a downward and depressed, pessimistic as ever material with touches of Doom like BLACK SABBATH somewhere within. In addition, you might also recall the first sprites of HATESPHERE or later BENEDICTION albums while leaving the Hardcore far behind.

GOREFEST sprayed that fine an essence of bleakness, a tasty flavor of harmonic mood sipping a few ounces of brutality. I found that inner struggle, blown by a darkened haze within "You Could Make Me Kill", portraying the band's melodic edge. "Exorcism" is their raging violence of an impressive brand, sharing a few similarities with all the modernized Death / Groove decapitators that came from Scandinavia and also from The Netherlands. "The Call" and ""Till Fingers Bleed" slam the evil right in one's fast, a heavy kind of chugger down tuned into oblivion, proving that the band's toughness returned for another round. GOREFEST showing a kind of a catchy kicker, with a few digestions of alternative oriented lead guitar grazes and gloomy atmosphere.

With "La Muerte", the GOREFEST clan re-tasted Death Metal once again, but had it in their plate somewhat upgraded with all the years that went by. However, they barely let the late 90's appreciation survive The band's sort of attempt to be relevant in their perception, whether was it or wasn't it the case, made this creation into a well perceived comeback on my account. The album's inner depression was rather invigorating, too bad that what started here ended a few years forward. Check this one out please.

8 / 10


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"La Muerte (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. For the Masses
2. When the Dead Walk the Earth
3. You Could Make Me Kill
4. Malicious Intent
5. Rogue State
6. The Call
7. Of Death and Chaos (A Grand Finale)
8. Man to Fall
9. Exorcism
10. Till Fingers Bleed
11. The New Gods
12. La Muerte

Gorefest Lineup:

Jan-Chris De Koeijer - Bass / Vocals
Ed Warby - Drums
Frank Harthoorn - Guitars
Boudewijn Bonebakker - Lead Guitars

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