Sour Grapes


On October 16, 2020, GORATORY released "Sour Grapes". GORATORY is a Technical/Brutal Death Metal band […]
By Cherie Wong
November 1, 2020
Goratory - Sour Grapes album cover

On October 16, 2020, GORATORY released "Sour Grapes". GORATORY is a Technical/Brutal Death Metal band from Boston. The band formed back in 2000 and was active for several years, including releasing three full length albums between the years of 2000 and 2004. Since then, however, the band hasn't released anything. They have been busy with their other bands, including heavy hitters like JOB FOR A COWBOY, SEXCREMENT, and DEEDS OF FLESH. Now, with the same lineup as on 2004's "Rice On Suede", GORATORY has returned with "Sour Grapes".

The album flashes by in a flurry of riffs and drumming. Even though it's a full length album, it's barely half an hour. Nevertheless, the chugging guitar riffs, growls, and blast beats typical of the more extreme side of death metal are all here. It's an undeniably heavy album, and there are plenty of little technical flourishes from the guitar and bass to add interest. Quick kudos to the band because I just love the album title and cover art; it perfectly shows the band's sense of humor.

The intro "Rat King" throws you unceremoniously into the mix. Wave after wave of heavy riffs and a battering of drums kick off the album. GORATORY isn't all fast paced, as several moments on the album show. There are few sections, usually at the end, where the music slows down the tempo a bit of a heavy slowdown. The charmingly titled "I Shit Your Pants" has a great riff to accent the usual brutal growls and blast beats. "Evolutionary Wart" is another track with great guitar work. It is like a speed run of a track, really fast throughout. An unmissable track on this album is "Seth Putnam Was A Sensitive Man", the band's track about ANAL CUNT's Seth Putnam.

Overall, I recommend this band to fans of Brutal Death Metal like MALIGNANCY and INTERNAL SUFFERING. While the album isn't breaking ground in terms of brutality or technicality, their music is still heavy and great to listen to.

7 / 10









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"Sour Grapes" Track-listing:

1. Rat King
2. Losing Streak
3. I Shit Your Pants
4. Bottom Feeder
5. Evolutionary Wart
6. The People's Temple
7. Seth Putnam Was A Sensitive Man
8. Back To The Grinding Machine

Goratory Lineup:

Alan Glassman - Guitars
Adam Mason - Vocals
Darren Cesca - Drums
Zachary Pappas - Bass

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