Poison Thorn


GODSNAKE is a German Heavy Metal band that mixes some modern influences on their sound, […]
By Caio Botrel
October 17, 2020
Godsnake - Poison Thorn album cover

GODSNAKE is a German Heavy Metal band that mixes some modern influences on their sound, creating a very kickass material. They released their first EP "Hellbound Ride" in 2014 and now they have released their first full-length album "Poison Thorn" and that is what we are going to discuss today.

The opening track from the album is "Urge To Kill" which starts with a very heavy guitar riff followed by a cool drumming and then another guitar comes in playing a different melody. The guitar riff will make people go insane on their live concerts. The vocals are pretty good, and I liked how the vocalist goes well with more melodic and aggressive ones.

"Poison Thorn" is the title track from the album, and it starts with a killer guitar riff and I can't keep writing without saying that I really enjoyed the guitar sound here. This song has a lot of groove and it is more direct and with a great chorus. "Sound Of The Broken" starts more Rock N' Roll and then it mixes itself with some sort of Melodic Death Metal riffs, I loved it. There breakdown and solo are extremely good, completing the masterpiece.

"We Disagree" and "Stone The Crow" are both incredible heavy and I recommend you check it out. "Darkness" starts with a clean guitar that is soon joined by some guitar solo that will do a duet. It turns into something aggressive when the clean tones change to distorted guitars and groove riffs. That vocalist reminded me of IN FLAMES vocalist at some points and I must say that it perfectly fits their music.

"You Gotta Pay", "Blood Brotherhood" and "Hellbound Ride" are a triad of pure aggressiveness and grooves. But they kept the band's identity and the greatness.

The last song from the album is "This Is The End" where you can hear a shitload of groove riffs, great cuisine coming from the bass and drums and guttural vocals mixed with clean ones. Creating the perfect Melodic Death Metal ambiance.

GODSNAKE did an amazing job with their first full-length album and if they keep following this direction, they will probably become one of the new Melodic Death Metal references in Germany and Europe. Congratulations sir!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Poison Thorn" Track-listing:

1. Urge To Kill
2. Poison Thorn
3. Sound Of The Broken
4. We Disagree
5. Stone The Crow
6. Darkness
7. You Gotta Pay
8. Blood Brotherhood
9. Hellbound Ride
10. This Is The End

Godsnake Lineup:

Torger - Vocals
Stevo - Guitars
Malt - Guitars
Walt - Bass
Sidney - Drums

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