The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood


Just look at that artwork. Satan and kill and God. Why would you not want […]
By V. Srikar
November 11, 2018
Godskill - The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood album cover

Just look at that artwork. Satan and kill and God. Why would you not want to review this album? Anti-religious themes never go out of fashion for me. And here we are with German Death Metal band GODSKILL's 2nd full length album "The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood" releasing this November.

The album starts with a tension filled, atmospheric Death Metal song in "The Eleven Kills the Ten", full of mid-tempo rhythmic drum beats, and great guttural growling Death Metal vocals. The riffs aren't the most unique ones, but they have a good mid-tempo lets-headbang-a-bit vibe to them. Ideal to listen in home, not so much if you are into moshpits and stuff. Looks like "Demon Mother" is a reflection of the album artwork. The music itself is a very technical sounding rhythmic Death Metal. It has good tempo shifts and good song structures that shift after every now and then. The dual vocals here are not as impressive as I wish they could have been, but the guitar solos do add some oomph and flavour to the song.

"Ungodly is the Flesh" surprises you by sprinkling some insanely good juicy guitar work amidst what sounds like a chaotic Death Metal, with some interesting guitar work all around. The vocals here again have dual vocals. One being the growling guttural Death Metal, which I think Carsten Quadel is nailing it perfectly, but the occasional backing or dual vocals, are far from impressive and almost spoil the song for me. "The Gatherer of Fear and Blood" has that eerie atmospheric feel to it, while still maintain that Death Metal sound overall. It is somewhat slower compared to others here. "From the Ashes of Angels" is another headbanging friendly rhythmic song with a few cool guitar solos in the middle. "The Shell" is full of great air-guitar friendly guitar work, and not to mention the great solos again sprinkled all over the song here. "Preliminary Invocation" is a mid-tempo instrumental, that has some cool riffs, but nothing ground breaking to be honest. The album ends with "Becoming a God" which is quite ordinary in terms of music itself, but the band tries to infuse with many things, that almost turns chaotic here, not in a good way. Even the cool solos towards the end fail to save this song.

Although Metal-Archives has Deathcore written as the band's genre, musically, "The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood" can be considered as a Melodic Death Metal album, with some very innovative cool song writing all throughout the album. It's not an album without flaws or weak songs, but as a whole, GODSKILL brings something new to the table for Death Metal fans, and hence this deserves the mention.

8 / 10









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"The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood" Track-listing:

1. The Eleven Kills the Ten
2. Demon Mother
3. Ungodly is the Flesh
4. The Gatherer of Fear and Blood
5. From the Ashes of Angels
6. The Shell
7. Preliminary Invocation
8. Becoming a God

Godskill Lineup:

Carsten Quadel - Vocals
Timo Schütz - Guitar
Uwe Schwaderer - Bass
Thomas Bernhardt - Drums

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