Heavy Lies The Crown


My first encounter with GODSIZED occurred in 2010, when the quartet was featured in the […]
By YngwieViking
April 30, 2015
Godsized - Heavy Lies The Crown album cover

My first encounter with GODSIZED occurred in 2010, when the quartet was featured in the Metal Hammer's sampler tribute to AC/DC, the band performed their very own "Head Heavy" at the final tracks, in a roughen pattern, obviously symptomatic of the typical British Straightness in Heavy Metal.

Since then, I had loosing trace of them, the band toured relentlessly and released their critically acclaimed debut "Time" in 2013, I should admit that I missed this particular one...Maybe, I will consider going for an CD hunting session for this item in the glorious goal to complete my obsessive completist collectormania !

The recording of the new album "Heavy Lies The Crown" was pushed financially thanks to a Pledge crowd funding Campaign, I believe it helped the successful production to be fulfilled his original artistic focus, and indeed the Mainstream Rock/Alternative reputed Studio wizard/Knob twister Chris Coulter is giving a slick powerful sound, and he has delivered a great sonic design for this particularly meticulously crafted collection of crushing songs, now published under the coherent moniker of "Heavy Lies The Crown" .

The eleven tracks that are featured in "Heavy Lies The Crown" looks and sounds like a coherent whole as a song writing affair and its obviously a rigorously executed piece of British Metal with a down-tuned/modern-ish edge, still giving some sonic space for the great guitar work courtesy of the beefy riff master supplier Chris Charles ("Forgotten Friend" or the 70's flavors of "Never A Better Time")also responsible for great solo spots.

Of course, like the aforementioned tag it's a bloody powerful album, yet the style is also groovy/catchy/infectious and even so-called radio friendly ("Push Against The Tide"/"Fade") but in a surprising phenomenon still sharp and damn Heavy (like with the slightly Stoner pace of "Welcome To Hell"/"Stone Cold Blow To The Head" or "Out Of Fear")...This relative harsh contemporary density is well balanced by a method consisting of a high melodic counterpart!

In other times, GODSIZED could have been convicted to guillotine trip by the merciless headbangin' court of purists, they could have been up for banning GODSIZED for flirting with the commercial paths on the superb hit single "Saving You"...However, the orthodoxy of steel is honored in full with a complete exhibition of their real NWOBHM's allegiance with the hypnotic "Web Of Lies" or at the final stages, the doom-y/epic album closer "Pay Your Debt", the Almighty Gods of Metal from the Black Country will approve this musical behavior...Remember size does matter!

8 / 10


"Heavy Lies The Crown" Track-listing:

1. Welcome To Hell
2. Saving You
3. Push Against The Tide
4. Never A Better Time
5. Web Of Lies
6. Fade
7. Forgotten Friend
8. Do You See
9. Stone Cold Blow To The Head
10. Out Of Fear
11. Pay Your Debt

Godsized Lineup:

Glen Korner - Vocals & Guitars
Chris Charles - Guitars
Gavin Kerrigan - Bass
Dan Kavanagh - Drums

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