Gods Army

German Heavy Metal band GODS ARMY is back, with their second full length album "Demoncracy". […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
November 11, 2018
Gods Army - Demoncracy album cover

German Heavy Metal band GODS ARMY is back, with their second full length album "Demoncracy". The bands lyrical themes include society, life and politics. The band was put on hiatus when Mike Cross went to play with FIREWIND and John Smith was involved in a car accident. They reformed in 2012 and released their first full length album "God's Army AD". Let's get this review underway and take a glimpse into "Demoncracy". I would like to start with the song "Free Your Mind". It's honestly like you jump into a time machine back to the 80's. Back when Heavy Metal ruled the land. The Guitars played by Ian O'Sullivan, John A.B.C. Smith and Eddie Van Dahl are on point throughout this song and the entire album. Drummer Mark Cross throws down on the drums throughout as well. I would have to say they are like a heavier version of VAN HALEN.

The second track "Enemy Maker" really brings out the 80's nostalgia in me. If they had been around back then I guarantee they would have had a hit on the radio instantly. And I am in no way saying they aren't good now because they really are. The song "Final Destination" really starts to show off the guitarists skills after the short little intro. Now this song really reminds me of EUROPE and I absolutely love them. This is a bad ass power ballad! The next track "Games Without Frontiers" put a grin on my face. It's one of my favorites on the album. Just a damn good song to rock out to in general. "Before the Fall" which is the second longest song on the album at almost eight minutes long, is another power ballad and I absolutely love this track! It's one track I HIGHLY recommend!

The longest song on the album is "The Replicant" and this song rules! It really really reminds me of NEVERMORE. This is by far my favorite song on the album. Thirteen minutes of just pure metal and I couldn't ask for more. GODS ARMY has put on a great performance with this album. I will definitely be rocking out to this for some time to come.

7 / 10









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"Demoncracy" Track-listing:

1. You Are You
2. Free Your Mind
3. Enemy Maker
4. Final Destination
5. Games Without Frontiers
6. The All Seeing Eye
7. Before the Fall
8. The Replicant
9. Hero's and Demons
10. My Way

Gods Army Lineup:

Mark Cross - Drums
Ian O'Sullivan - Guitars/Vocals
John A.B.C. Smith - Vocals/Bass/Guitars/Keyboards
Eddie Van Dahl - Guitars/Vocals

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