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The Shadow Line


GODHEAD made me want to review their new album The Shadow Line just by their […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 25, 2007
Godhead - The Shadow Line album cover

GODHEAD made me want to review their new album The Shadow Line just by their name. There are times when the band's name can attract the attention of someone. I thought that it would be a Thrash or Death Metal band, or something not melodic in general. I was wrong about the genre, but I was right about the feeling I had. I don't know why, but I knew I would like this band. So, it is the first time (if I am not mistaken) that I review a Nu Metal album.

Hailing from Washington, DC, this band was formed in the mid 90's. If I am not mistaken, they were the first signing to MARILYN MANSON's infamous Posthuman Records. Their 2000 Years Of Human Error (2001) and Evolver (2003) albums have sold over 100,000 copies up to date and the band has managed to tour with acts like MARILYN MANSON, STATIC-X, DISTURBED, MUDVAYNE and RAMMSTEIN to name a few. They have even played in Ozzfest, so you can understand what this band is all about.

Most of you have definitely hated this band already because of the genre it plays. Even though open mindedness is a word that sometimes seems stupid and many people say it is just a word to hide someone's stupidity (I have heard that many times), I listened to the album without being a fuck Nu Metal guy and guess what, I liked it! Stuff like Nu Metal is trendy or Nu Metal is a Metal genre that is mostly for 14 year old kids may sometimes be true, but not always. I have never hidden that I like bands like DROWNING POOL or DISTURBED. Let's not forget that music is always progressing and we definitely cannot stop progress. Anyway, The Shadow Line managed to attract my attention from its first notes. It is not so aggressive, nor based on brutal vocals. It is mostly based on melody and catchy rhythms. The rhythm section has definitely done a great job on this album. I haven't  listened to any older stuff this band has released so as to be able to compare this album with the rest of the band's discography, but I think that luck was not the only factor that secured them a slot in Ozzfest. The production is at high levels, as almost every Nu Metal band of course! There were times when GODHEAD reminded me of KORN's more melodic moments. The album is not at all boring, not even for a second. I listened to it many times without getting bored. Not only I didn't get bored, but I even pleasantly pushed the repeat button several times! There are some riffs that seem to challenge the listener from some headbanging. The guitars are classic Nu Metal and the voice is really nice and melodic, when the song requires melody. I watched a live, unplugged video and the singer is great when it comes to ballads!

Even though Nu Metal is getting more boring as time goes by, there are always some pleasant surprises that won't leave you alone, unless you give them a chance to prove their quality. My opinion, invest your money on this release, it truly deserves it.

8 / 10


"The Shadow Line" Track-listing:

Trapped In Your Lies
Hey You
The Gift
Fall Down
Another Day
Once Before
Through The Cracks
Your End Of Days
Inside Your World

Godhead Lineup:

Jason Miller - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Miller - Guitar
Method - Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Glendon Crain - Drums

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