“Godfrost” is one of those albums that make you go on a hunting spree for all the artist’s previous materials you can find. We all definitely need more Frost in our lives.
April 1, 2024

GODFROST is an Industrial Metal solo project from multi-instrumentalist Frost hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Their self-titled debut album was released on January 23, 2024 via Sliptrick Records. While I am not a huge fan of Industrial Metal, I completely devoured this album . . . over and over again. Maybe it’s my relatively light exposure to the subgenre or maybe it’s because Frost is a hell of a musician who brought in a hell of crew to support them. Either way, “Godfrost” is a mesmerizing album.

Frost is also one-third of GODS OF DECAY, a Grunge/Gothic Metal band well worth checking out. Fellow band mate Yorke (programming) also contributes to this solo effort as well as Kose (bass) from AZABUSMITH and VI (lead guitar). Also appearing on the album are several guest vocalists including Luna Midnight, who sings on five of the album's ten tracks, and new talents Emilypemly and Sara.

Promo material states that GODFROST “conceptualizes a dark world view with musicality that focuses on industrial metal sound incorporating digital sound, rhythm, and melodic post-grunge style.” In plain English we get the hypnotic rhythms, Gothic sensibilities, ethereal vocals, and groove-laden riffs. The production values are well-refined, keeping clear separation and distinct layering. It’s an actual pleasure just listening to the engineering of this album.

Standout tracks will vary by listener of course. My list includes opening track, “Metal Breakdown” which sets the tone for the entire album with groovy riffs, mesmeric rhythms, and intricately woven clean female vocals both spoken and at full velocity. I also found myself obsessively hitting repeat on “Abnormal Sadness” for its sheer heartbreaking beauty—call me a sucker for a pretty voice, but Emilypemply’s vocal delivery is simply gorgeous.

Next on my list is “Lament of Sheep” for its ever-shifting terrain and Sara’s eerie vocals. I was also captivated by the instrumental track “Awaken to the Presence of God” which is both hypotonic and brutally visceral. Another viscous track is “Ephemeral Symphony” showcasing VI’s ability to shred with a vengeance. Kose contributes bass on this track as well.

Frost has been open about their lament for the sameness found in music on the scene right now, especially in Japan. With “Godfrost” they sought to break that trend, producing music “that's unlike anyone else.” I think they more than succeeded. “Godfrost” is one of those albums that make you go on a hunting spree for all the artist’s previous materials you can find. We all definitely need more Frost in our lives.



9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Godfrost" Track-listing:

1. Mental Breakdown

2. Darkness Phobia

3. Insane Delusion

4. Abnormal Sadness

5. Awaken to the Presence of God

6. Falling Asleep

7. Simple Madness

8. Lament of Sheep

9. Ephemeral Symphony

10. Unstable


Godfrost Lineup:

Frost – Guitar, bass, vocals


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