I have always been a fan of Doom Metal and Progressive Metal, and GOATESS' self-titled […]
By Nick Green
July 25, 2013
Goatess - Goatess album cover

I have always been a fan of Doom Metal and Progressive Metal, and GOATESS' self-titled album feels right at home as I'm listening to it. There are plenty of long songs on this album as well as 10-minute-plus songs, so there's a lot to sink your teeth into here.

The first two tracks really help to make this album sound solid. The music is, of a real surprise, a high quality. "Know Your Animal" really opens the album well with its soft verses then loud, distortion-filled choruses, and then "Alpha Omega" drifts over like a lullaby, but a heavy one at that. I really love the guitar work from Niklas, really tight and in-the-pocket stuff, whilst the drumming is good as well, with the odd rumble from Findus' bass.

"Full Moon at Noon" is perhaps my favourite track off the album, clocking in at just over 8 minutes; it has a long instrumental section in the middle with bits topped at the beginning and end of it. The middle of the album - "Oracle Pt. 1: The Mist" and "Oracle Pt. 2" - really help to show GOATESS' potential. With part 1 being shorter and with a lot of build-up playing, part 2 makes a big impact. Whilst "King One" and "Tentacles of Zero" are the longest songs on the album they also help to close off the album well.

There's a lot I like about this album, and there's a lot that I don't like at all really. I actually really enjoyed this album, and found myself nodding my head or tapping my foot along to it, however I think from this I gather a lot of potential from GOATESS. Only knows what we'll see in the future. 

8 / 10


"Goatess" Track-listing:

1. Know Your Animal
2. Alpha Omega
3. Ripe
4. Full Moon at Noon
5. Oracle Pt. 1: The Mist
6. Oracle Pt.2
7. King One
8. Tentacles of Zen

Goatess Lineup:

Niklas - Guitar
Findus - Bass
Kenta - Drums
Chritus - Vocals

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