Wolfcult Domination

Goat Disciple

Please excuse this article's short length for it is due to the pursuit of brevity […]
July 15, 2018
Goat Disciple - Wolfcult Domination album cover

Please excuse this article's short length for it is due to the pursuit of brevity in addition to the fact that the EP only contains four five to six-minute songs.  GOAT DISCIPLE hail from the arm pit of blasphemy, Salt Lake City.  It is not surprising such a musical entity would arise from the headquarters of Latter Day Saints.  The band describes their sound as being War Metal, and it is true that there is a humble resemblance to the masters, BLASPHEMY. It's all about the blasphemy.

The first track, "Oreb Zaraq," has a decidedly Black Metal feel to it.  What's not to love about the vintage low-fi delivery?  It certainly contributes to the raw intent of the five members of this band.  While the guitar sound could be labelled as primitive, it is also percussive in the sense that it aptly delivers the true malevolent inspiration of the music.  Personally, the effect is like hearing "Fall of Seraphs" from MAYHEM's prolific "Wolf's Lair Abyss" album played through the filter of the sound and production of "Deathcrush".

"Mammon," the final track, is without doubt the strongest on this EP.  It opens with a strong, sturdy riff to lay out the band's stake.  When the vocals come in, there is a pronounced alteration between sinister Black Metal vocals and undead-sounding Death Metal-style growls.  The double bass is relentless as it leads the death march through perilous pathways.  "Mammon" is a fitting, ample modus operandi of GOAT DISCIPLE.  As the band blazes through the verses and choruses, they show they can do slow at the interlude.  Adventurous and fluid leads like lightning ignite the darkness of their surroundings.  If any criticism can be made of the song it is that it ends too abruptly, but if that was their intent, then why argue against the artists' art?

Instrumentally, this is typical of the band's sub-genre as well as practitioners of Bestial Black Metal.  Vocally, there is a mix of Black Metal-type razor-like passages with more guttural-sounding parts thrown in with equal measure.  Against a very under-pronounced rhythm section, the guitars command the audience with their dueling exercises of screaming passages.  The way the music is orchestrated sounds like fire enveloping the band, coloring the sound while smoke inhibits the intake of proper oxygen.  Fans of this scene will surely not be disappointed, and this release would also serve well as a gateway into War Metal.  Hails in hellfire!

7 / 10









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"Wolfcult Domination" Track-listing:

1. Oreb Zaraq
2. Black Skull Hypnagogue
3. Torture Siddhi
4. Mammon

Goat Disciple Lineup:

K. Heretic - Bass
R. Sodomizer - Guitars
T. Thanatos - Drums
Danzer 616- Guitars
A. Mire - Vocals

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