I really wish this album would only be released on vinyl; you know, an embossed […]
By Grigoris Chronis
November 4, 2006
Glyder - Glyder album cover

I really wish this album would only be released on vinyl; you know, an embossed gatefold edition with lyrics on the inner sleeve and a 180g vinyl plate. Honestly, this is the best format to 'spread' one of the most impressive 'classic' music creations I've heard the last years. Nah, really hope some 'old school' Irish/British hardrockers/mettalers will get aware of this gem. A 'must' release from Ireland that will nail you down to your knees, plus it will remind us all of the dignity 'heavy' Rock had years ago.
Glyder hail from the Emerald Isle; you know what this means? Anyway...I don't know how the hell this quartet inked deal with a label - since lately it's a tradition any 'current shit' Metal(?) act having lots more possibility to gain a record deal with a 'you-play-I-earn' company. Glyder decided - their heart, roots and age too - to built a 'base' of British/Irish 70s Hard Rock melodies a la Thin Lizzy (respect!), give smell of NWOBHM/'classic trio' Motorhead buzz and then produce the 'result' via more 'fresh' techniques. A strange combination, I explain, but as long as your faves/knowledge goes a little bit far (and back) from only Nightwish, Mastodon, Gotthard and (again) Metallica, then you'll definitely smile with delight for this one.
Colour Of Money: From the very first twin lead it's obvious that the 'holy ghost' of the one and only Phil Lynott definitely lives on and will applaud this approach. A 'haunting' track in a real hard rockin' tempo. Love it, as well as the harmonies! NWOBHM lovers will 'reveal' the likes of Motrhead, Gaskin, Vardis and ('mainstram') Witchfynde in this tune.
PUP: In the Lizzy vein, as well, this is a real up-tempo rocker that's essential for your country drive across the seaside in a warm yet foggy evening. A video has already been 'shot' for the song (the band's first single). Praying Mantis and their legendary Time Tells No Lies (1989) debut says a lot for the relation! Ah, 'PUP' stands for 'Pretty Useless People', right?
She's Got It: Leave aside the 'harmonic' vocals of Cullen and resemble the supremacy of early Motorhead era Another Perfect Day. A furious 'dirty' solo exchanges parts with neat breaks and I wonder when such a band will play this kind of tunes in a nearby Pub this week...
Saving Face: Thin Lizzy meets Diamond Head meets Metallica meets Thin Lizzy (again). The impact of Phill Lynott on James Hetfield through the assistance of Brian Tatler.
One For The Lost: Dark 'lyrical' paths in this one, please. A slow tempo supports some mystical riffing and the 'narrative' approach of Cullen reminds the listener of the Angelwitch/Holocaust 'obscure' songwriting 25 years ago.
Stargazer: The melody in the chorus of this tune is the 'living proof' of how to put 'spirit' in a chord to avoid it sounding like a Brit Pop 'bug'. Legendary Rory Gallagher (RIP) would jam with Glyder in this one onstage, no doubt!
Takin' Off: Diamond Head-ish 'guitar' parts lead to a fine 'intermezzo' the way Thin Lizzy was shocking the world thirty years ago. A live 'fave' this song can be for the band's fans, I consider.  
You Won't Bring Me Down: the above description could not fit finest in this one, too.
Die Or Dance: My personal favorite; an 'epic' song the way Phil Lynnot used to sing alike. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) seems to be fond of this tune in his BBC Radio 6 broadcast, too. A superb bridge with roaring guitar soloing and 'living' vocals leads to a melodic Iron Maiden-isque bridge and then wraps up in the initial way. I am a soldier now...sent to war.... Awe...
Neutral Coloured Life: The proper 'finish' for this splendid track listing. In an 'easy listening' mood, 'sweet' keys support some fine singing while the chorus sees choir vocals followed by immense Gorham/Robertson-influenced twin leads. Shit, how lovely...
Get the album. Get it, in any way. The finest example of what Ireland & Britain have been giving to Metal music worldwide for more than 30 years now. Else: Irish/British 'metallipedia' lessons in 36' 34 in brief. I only wonder a) whether the band found acclaimed producer Chris Tsangarides to work with in this apocalyptic sound or vice versa B) what Geoff 'Lyrics' Barton - 'godfather' of the 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' term and journalist of the time - would say 'bout this album, and b) if there's a slight chance for Lars Ulrich to ever hear a tune or two off this masterpiece, just to see what was up to 'honest' music once upon a time.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Glyder" Track-listing:

Colour Of Money
She's Got It
Saving Face
One For The Lost
You Won't Bring Me Down
Takin' Off
Die Or Dance
Neutral Coloured Life

Glyder Lineup:

Tony Cullen - Vocals, Bass
Bat Kinane - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pete Fisher - Guitars
Davy Ryan - Drums

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