Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls

Glorior Belli

When it comes to occultism and luciferianism, there is nothing better than checking the French […]
By Azmo Lozmodial
October 3, 2013
Glorior Belli - Gators Rumble

When it comes to occultism and luciferianism, there is nothing better than checking the French Black Metal scene for interesting bands and one of these bands that caught my attention for years is GLORIOR BELLI. The band has been formed in 2002 and it still produces black metal music for the occult Black Metal fans, and this year the band is releasing the fifth full-length album "Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls" by Agonia Records, so prepare your senses for a huge experience.

You can clearly have the first impression while staring at the artwork of the album; it's a classic black and white painting with a witchery atmosphere, so it's a great way to have your brain ready for sorcerous music. My journey in this album started when I first heard the track "I Asked for Wine, He Gave Me Blood", the music was aggressive and full of wrathful anger, which is my favorite Black Metal structure, and the members have built up this structure to fill these 11 tracks with ultimate malice and luciferianism. The leading riffs are really destroying the atmosphere in a good term; especially when the sharp black metal vocals cover the riffs like an outworn stained cloth covering a diabolic alter.

The evilness of this album is ultimate, which gives you the opportunity to have a special atmosphere in every single track. Some tracks like "Wolves at My Door" and "Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls" have caught my attention due to their unholy efforts and wrath, where the music intends to be melodic and firm from time to time and the alternative evilness of the atmosphere get mixed with magical melodies. I recommend this record for the fans of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, and I have always felt that the music of this band is mixing the sound of the Swedish FUNERAL MIST with the sound of the Dutch DODECHEDRON, so don't waste your time and start having fun with the French wrath that the band created in this record.

Its killer, it's enjoyable, it's melodic and freaking ugly, these are my final description for the fantastic music of this band, and the unique character of the music will blow your mind and will leave your ears bleeding for some more. Personally, I think this album is the best record in the band's career, so don't miss this hit.

8 / 10


"Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls" Track-listing:

1. Blackpowder Roars
2. Wolves At My Door
3. Ain't No Pit Deep Enough
4. A Hoax, A Croc!
5. From One Rebel To Another
6. I Asked For Wine, He Gave Me Blood
7. The South Will Always Know My
8. Le Blackout Blues
9. Backwoods Bayou
10. Built For Discomfort
11. Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls

Glorior Belli Lineup:

Billy Bayou - All Instruments 

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