I believe Folk Metal and Gothic Metal are nowadays the main trends. Not that I […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
June 11, 2009
Glittertind - Landkjennin album cover

I believe Folk Metal and Gothic Metal are nowadays the main trends. Not that I don't like that kind of music, but the fact is that when the record companies smells money, they are signing everyone that plays that kind of music, releasing tons of crap albums. Unfortunately, quantity and quality most of the times don't match. But let's see what is going on with the fourth full length album from GLITTERTIND, Landkjenning and if this is one of those albums I mentioned above.

In the beginning the band was a one-man project. Torbjorn formed GLITTERTIND back in 2001 in Oslo. He released two full length albums and a mini CD before signing with Napalm Records. By that time, the I-am-a-band-by-myself (since he is playing almost all the organs in the new album) Geirmund, joined the band. Now, after the deal for a long term agreement with their new label, they are giving us their new work entitled Landkjenning.

So, what's going on with these two guys? As you might have found out by the title and their origin, they don't play Gothic Metal (thanks Satan) but folk. I really like the first track. Even though it's something that I have heard before at least it is well played. Nice folk melodies blend with heavy guitars and nice choral and clear vocals. The album has a northern folk atmosphere, colored with even some punk-ish spots. The album songs vary in speed from calm melodic tracks to fast ones. In some point they sound like other bands of that genre like KORPIKLAANI and OTYG. The album flows nicely and I did catch myself moving my head with the rhythm. The only track that sounds a bit out the whole mood is Longships and Mead; not because of the music but because the lyrics are in English. I don't know a single word of their native language, but I think that this is the only language that is appropriate to his music genre.

GLITTERTIND, by the way this is also the name of the second highest mountain in Norway, did not give us a masterpiece but an album that is above the average releases in the folk Metal scene and I would like to listen from them gain. Without something new the album comprises nice melodies and parts that will make you move your head up and down; parts that are most appropriate for a concert and finally parts that -if your are into this- that will make you have some beers more!

PS: This is for the labels. Spot putting voice-overs in the promos! Someone that is trying to do a review, doesn't have to listen someone talking and not listening to the track. Find something else. It stars being irritating!

7 / 10


"Landkjennin" Track-listing:

Gar Min Eigen Veg
Longships and Mead
Varder In Brann
Jeg Snorer Min Sekk
Mot Myrke Vetteren
Brede Seil Over Nordsjo Gar
Overmate Full Av Nade

Glittertind Lineup:

Torbjorn Sandvik - Vocals, Guitars
Geirmund Simonsen - Drums, Bass, Accordion, Organ, Additional Vocals/Guitars, Programming

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