Glenn Hughes & Robin George

Sometimes life gets a whole lot better than it was. I have that feeling when I am listening to “Overcome” the album by ROBIN GEORGE and GLENN HUGHES.
March 4, 2024

Sometimes life gets a whole lot better than it was. I have that feeling when I am listening to “Overcome” the album by ROBIN GEORGE and GLENN HUGHES. Yes, I know then names are reversed in the title, but that has a reason. When this album was recorded, back in 1989, everybody knew who GLENN HUGHES was, as he was, is and always will beknown as The Voice Of Rock. Something he proves to be very accurate once again on this “Overcome” album. ROBIN GEORGE was a lot less known. Unfortunately that is still the case. It shouldn’t be, as this man has quite the resumé.

But let’s start with how this collaboration came into fruition. It was a chance meeting between the two protagonists which resulted in Mr. Hughes singing backing vocals on the ROBIN GEORGE and SEAN HARRIS (ex-DIAMOND HEAD) album “Notorious”. That went so well, that they decided to do more together. All songs were penned by George, as it was intended to be a solo album. But with the vocals of GLENN HUGHES and co-writing four of the tunes, it turned into a collaboration. The songs in question are “Number One”, “Sweet Revenge”, “Don’t Come Crying” and “Overcome”.

Somehow it never got released in 1989. Now, almost 35 years later, it finally has seen the light of day. I for one am glad it has, because it showcases the craftmanship of ROBIN GEORGE in being able to write stuff towards a singer and make sure it never gets boring. The music is Melodic (occasionally Funky) Hard Rock. There is a treat on “Overcome” and that is the track “Haunted”, as on this one you hear the members of Glenn’s first band TRAPEZE, featuring Dave Holland, Mel Galley and Terry Rowley.

As to the quality of the songs, I’m in a split. I adore the album because I love the chemistry that ROBIN GEORGE and GLENN HUGHES obviously have as musicians and I just love to hear the latter going full force with his beautiful voice. I also like all the music that has been recorded, but I also do understand that a lot of the younger generation might not get it. Let me put it in another way; if this would have had the major label release they were going for in 1989 it would have made a killing. To me the relevance of those days is lost in the current day and age. It’s the horse behind the cart story now, though. So, I fear that this one will only be picked up by the fans of either ROBIN GEORGE and/or GLENN HUGHES. I just hope there are enough of them out there.

7 / 10









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"Overcome" Track-listing:


1 Flying (4:24)

2 Overcome (4:04)

3 I Want (3:51)

4 Haunted (3:56) featuring Dave HollandMel Galley and Terry Rowley

5 Number One (3:55)

6 Sweet Revenge (3:50)

7 The American Way (4:01)

8 Machine (4:05)

9 Steal My Heart (3:34)

10 Things Have Gotta Change (3:20)

11 Don't Come Crying (3:21)

12 Loving You (4:12)

13 War Dance (3:44)



Glenn Hughes & Robin George Lineup:


Glenn Hughes – Vocals

Robin George – All instruments



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