From their EPK, "Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the band's upcoming album consists of six independent, […]
Glemsel - Forfader album cover

From their EPK, "Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the band's upcoming album consists of six independent, yet musically deeply connected songs which blend harshness and melancholy in equal measure. "Forfader" is an imposing work full of rage and beauty, haunting atmospheres and mournful feelings, inviting the listener on a captivating journey through bleak and mesmerizing soundscapes." The album contains six tracks.

"Arv" leads off the album. It's a short, two-minute mood-setting instrumental. A few clean guitar notes ring out in a repeated pattern. Seguing into "Mod Afgrund," the opening themes here are abrasive and deadly, with machine-gun drums, a wall of guitars, and Black Metal shrieks. The guitars build thick layers of hatred and rage. "Savn" begins with rolling drums and some nifty bass work. The main riff here is indeed mournful, though the vocals are savage. The pace then quickens through maddening sections of the song where the mourning level increases. It ends on some atmospheric elements that fade to nothing.

"Montens Prædikant" is a much shorter song with plenty of hatred and an intense burning. After the half-way mark, a clean interlude slows things down a bit, but the pace picks back up towards the end with resolve. "Det Gamle Må Vige" is another burner with anger and a flair of the macabre. Eleven minutes is a long time for the hatred to last, but they push it down your throat. Though the pace slows just for several bars to some melancholy tones, layers of antagonism build throughout. "Ansigterne" closes the album. It features a slow, melancholy opening. From there, the horror intensifies. The song waxes and wanes a few times, with the intensity coming in and out. Smooth, mellow bass work can also be heard. The final several minutes are where the mournful feeling really have time to develop.

Overall, this was a solid album from the Danish Black Metal band. I did find that the raging and intense elements outweighed the melancholic and mournful ones however, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the album. One thing that is worth noting, is that the band explores a bit in the album which is something that is fairly unforgiving in the genre, but it helped to expand their sound.

7 / 10









"Forfader" Track-listing:

1. Arv
2. Mod Afgrund
3. Savn
4. Montens Prædikant
5. Det Gamle Må Vige
6. Ansigterne

Glemsel Lineup:

Joachim Højer - Drums
Sune Pedersen - Guitars
Mikkel Alkjær - Bass, Backing Vocals, Lyre and Oboe
Asmund Iversen - Vocals, Guitars

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