Getaway Van

Getaway Van

GETAWAY VAN. The name immediately calls to mind some Ed Roth stylized Ford Econoline, likely […]
By Dave Nowels
March 27, 2019
Getaway Van - Getaway Van album cover

GETAWAY VAN. The name immediately calls to mind some Ed Roth stylized Ford Econoline, likely hauling a gear trailer and passengers of questionable intentions making a run for the state line. Or, the border in this case. GETAWAY VAN is a band formed in 2017 that calls Vancouver, British Columbia home, and are likely hitting the road soon in order to promote their new self-titled release.

"Getaway Van" the album, shifts into drive with the piano centered, "Intro". This intro track brought to mind the ambient style of ANCESTORS "Suspended in Reflections" release. That album was a top 5 album for me last year, so I'm instantly intrigued and thinking we're off to a good start here. Next up, the intro segues into "Branches", and carries with it the more avant-garde style of the previous music. As the vocals come in and they create quite the contrast. They're abrasive, and punkish and at first they don't seem like a good fit, but surprisingly they begin to meld with the heavily effect laden guitar work that is just fabulous.

"Coming Back" comes in heavier and fuzzier, with the biggest difference being the vocals. There's a different vocalist taking this track so it seems, a constant switch up through the remainder of the album. What I really liked here, was that the bass was up in the mix and played around both the drums and guitar. This is something you don't see often, as many bassists simply accentuate the drum foundation. Pretty impressive. There's really a great feel overall for this song. It's stoner like, but with lots more complexities. "Follow Me" also highlights Fox's bass work, while not oppressing any other instruments. The mixing is really nicely done, and the album seems like a nice collective involvement

With "Ugh" you begin to notice the many styles the band is trying to work into these songs. This one has a very different feel from everything preceding it. It's so almost, grungish feel. GETAWAY VAN has thrown a curveball on every song so far. There is a helluva lot happening here. "Blacktop Mistress" continues the experimentation theory by trying to capitalize on a 70s rock, almost suggestive of CLUTCH even. It's not bad, but it's my least favorite track so far. "Lord I've Been Running" draws me back in. It's got a great "wah" heavy guitar sound, an almost "funk" feel, and super dual vocals. It's highly melodic, while also showcasing Devon Sutherlands ability to throw in some great drums fills. "So Long" throws in what for me was the most memorable guitar riff while still maintaining the melodic aspect that the band seems to do so well. Finally, the album closes with a simarly styled "Outtro".

So here's the deal, I liked it. I liked it a lot. It probably won't crack my top ten of the year, but it certainly was fun. These boys put out a fine album that really showcased their abilities. They branched out, took some risks and won more than they lost. For me, there was a bit too much experimentation happening, but the overall fun of the album comes through and was well done.

8 / 10









"Getaway Van" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Branches
3. Comin' Back
4. Follow Me
5. Ugh
6. Blacktop Mistress
7. You Make Everything
8. Lord I've Been Running
9. So Long
10. Outro

Getaway Van Lineup:

Devon Sutherland - Drums
Zach Fox - Bass, Vocals
Derek Lionas - Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Cole - Guitar, Piano, Vocals

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