Planetery Alignment

George Bellas

George Bellas is a well-known virtuoso guitar player in the progressive circles. With participations in […]
By Yiannis Zervos
June 23, 2008
George Bellas - Planetery Alignment album cover

George Bellas is a well-known virtuoso guitar player in the progressive circles. With participations in projects like RING OF FIRE and MAGELLAN, collaborations with John West, Jason Becker and others, Bellas proved in the past that he has an amazing songwriting talent and now he returns with his fourth solo album, Planetery Alignment.

The album is progressive to the bone. Difficult instrumental music for the common ear, I must say. A great number of key changes combined with strange guitar scales, maybe magic for a musician to play (I 'm sure of that), but the final result lacks melodic satisfaction. The style of the album is extremely modern and very progressive, it does not contain any neoclassical songs that George Bellas is also reputable for, but the album stays completely within the progressive realm.

George Bellas plays all the instruments in Planetery Alignment, except the drums that Marco Minneman handles in a extremely comfortable way, that proves his solid drumming value. The time signatures and rhythms contained on the album are extremely complex, which Marco brought to life with his organic and immaculate drumming style.

Leading guitar virtuoso George Bellas is back, with his most modernly progressive solo album to date - expect the unexpected. From my point of view, there is too much music in Planetery Alignment that the average listener can handle. The rest are just to show off Bellas' unexceptionable ability on the 6-string's musical knowledge.

5 / 10


"Planetery Alignment" Track-listing:

Color By Numbers
Encoded In Light
Subatomic Particles
New Worlds Discovered
Parallel Universe
Overlapping Dimensions
Escape Velocity
Planetary Alignment

George Bellas Lineup:

George Bellas - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Marco Minneman - Drums

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