Signals From The Mystiverse

Gentry Lord

"Magic Metal Mystical Experience" GENTRY LORD offers something I can certainly say sounds like nothing […]
By Dan Mailer
February 11, 2015
Gentry Lord - Signals From The Mystiverse album cover

"Magic Metal Mystical Experience" GENTRY LORD offers something I can certainly say sounds like nothing I've heard before. The bizarre sounds presented on this EP are like the fevered nightmares of King Diamond.

First track "Theme I: Signals..." is a nice dramatic sounding instrumental opener that builds atmosphere quite nicely before slamming into the first "song" as such, "Secrets Behind The Veil" this song is utterly mad, with a huge amount of riffs colliding into each other to make some truly manic sounds. I'm not sure if I like it or not to be honest, there's some bits that remind me of king diamond, and then some just plain odd vocal moments as well. I think I can see the aim here but it doesn't hit me emotionally, other than making me think "what is this?"

"A Dreadful Adoration" offers much the same, with a little more focus in the main riff which is very thrashy in presentation, scooped mids and all. There are a lot of strange theatrical noises throughout this and other songs, and at times it sounds like a Disney villain battling it out with Mickey Mouse! There are some good riff moments with good technicality on display; it's not a bad musician making this stuff, with a really cool guitar harmony on display at one point. The drums are pretty manic and speedy throughout as well.

"A Garden Of Screaming Skulls" opens up in a very dissonant fashion, clashing synth sounds with guitars in a way rather apt to the song's title, with some despairing sounding vocals over the top. There is so much going on here, and clearly there are good ideas and musicianship on display, but it feels very meandering and chaotic at times.

The production is fairly cluttered, with vocals drowned in delay and reverb and then layered to oblivion, making it quite hard to connect, and at times there is just too much going on to really convey to the listener just what is going on. The recorded sounds and guitars generally sound good though when you can hear them.

Overall this is not a bad release. It's not for me, but people who like very odd and unique stuff should definitely check this out. It has a smattering of artists like KING DIAMOND and HELL in places that redeemed it for me. Worth checking out if you want to know what insanity sounds like.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Signals From The Mystiverse" Track-listing:

1. Theme I: Signals...
2. Secrets Behind The veil
3. A Dreadful Adoration
4. Garden Of Screaming Skulls

Gentry Lord Lineup:

Jori von Meriläinen - All Instruments, Vocals

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