GBC Vol. 3: Red White And Blue

Gentlemen's Blues Club

This is not the type of release we usually review here at Metal Temple, but […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 21, 2009
Gentlemen's Blues Club - GBC Vol. 3: Red White And Blue album cover

This is not the type of release we usually review here at Metal Temple, but I guess that many of you will find it at least interesting, if not good. You will probably have already understood that we are talking about a Blues release, since the band's name leads to this conclusion. And you definitely aren't wrong...

This band/project is led by bassist/producer Mick Stover who gathers some friends once in a while and releases albums full of American Blues tunes. As you can understand by the album's title, this is his third effort and I think he is doing really well. So, let's get to work...

GBC Vol. 3: Red White And Blue is a beautiful American Blues release, with 12 songs that can easily be a great companion to a glass (or a bottle) of bourbon or a gathering of friends. The huge number of guests makes the album sound more diverse with different singers and of course different approaches by the different guitarists that share this recording. The weird fact is that the man in charge of this album is of course Mick Stover, but there are some tracks that he hasn't even composed. I understand calling some friends to play your songs, but calling people to write your songs? Anyway...

Since this album has nothing to do with Metal, I will just keep it as a presentation and not as a review. There is not much to say here. You can check this release out only if you are into the aggressive (as the huge Stevie Ray Vaughan taught to us) American Blues sound. To tell you the truth, I have listened to it so many times that it will soon melt in my CD player.

"GBC Vol. 3: Red White And Blue" Track-listing:

Harley Davidson® Red White And Blue!
Slippin' Away
Stone Cold Rhythm Shake
Million-Mile Road
You Must Survive
If You Don't Believe Me, Leave Me
Never Say Never (Edge Of A Heartbreak)
Long Way To Run
Long Gone
Spanish Fly (Be My Little Lover)
Hard On You (Instrumental)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Gentlemen's Blues Club Lineup:

Mick Stover - Guitar, Bass

Guest Musicians:
Erich Schneider - Vocals, Guitar
Alan BB Mirikitani - Vocals, Guitar
Dirty Dave Osti - Vocals, Guitar
David Corrigan - Vocals
Bubba Wadsmoore - Guitar
Carl Jah Haasis - Guitar
Gratz Arias - Guitar
Philip Sayce - Guitar
Teddy ZigZag - Keyboards
Gerald Johnson - Bass
David Raven - Drums
Steve Giba - Drums
Mark Danzeisen - Drums
Joe Travers - Drums

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