The Awakening/The Passage

Genghis Khan

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GENGHIS KHAN; signed via Heaven […]
November 21, 2018
Genghis Khan - The Awakening/The Passage album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GENGHIS KHAN; signed via Heaven And Hell Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Power/Speed Metal, on their compilation album of their 1st 2 demos entitled: "The Awakening/The Passage" (released October 6th, 2017).

Since formation in 1985; the quartet in question have only 2 demos entitled: "The Awakening" & "The Passage", and an EP entitled: "The Second Coming". I am introduced to their compilation reissue of their aforementioned 1st 2 demos: "The Awakening/The Passage". 11 tracks ranging at around 41:23; GENGHIS KHAN arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Power/Speed Metal developments, the titular track begins the album...conveying in boistrously bouncy crunchiness, amplified adrenaline amalgamated with crushing firepower and flamboyant heaviness. This being a collection of demos from the 80s; the sound production is surprisingly solid as it flourishes with old-school, uncompromised ultilizations and maximum versatility.

Consisting of Struzzi on vocals; the frontman demonstrates high-pitched pipes of rawly rough ramifications, "Legions" distributes complex, energized singing vehemence - rushed with rapidly swift nimbless from guitarist Brian Blake. Blistering dexterity, fuelled with consistently deadly hymns of profusely robust thunder. "Barbaric Lust" efficiently composes constructively distinguished distinctions; attributing aesthetics include inventively hasty harmonics, creatively crafting dynamic designs of chaotic chugs and fiercely fast galloping from battering drummer Dave Blake in songs like the catchy "Merciless Bitch". "The Siege" hammers with pounding persistency, establishing hammering pummels while injecting infectiously organic substances of savagely sinister speed and solidity.

Audible bassist Kieth Uram concretely experiments with meticulous melodies and a grandiose manifestation of gritty thumps of jumpy skill; "Chariots" excels with embodied elements of fluidly polished proficiencies while providing waves of uncompromised yet progressively technical maliciousness, showcasing primitive specialities. "Beyond Death" is typical Speed Metal, frolicking with hardened hymns in which is converged into a frenzied rage of prolific Power Metal enterprises. Barraging into the 2nd titular track: "The Passage", this is where the collection compiles filler material in which is the reason I gave this compilation a 7...throwing me off with conceptual designs, resulting in an unnecessary portion if the demo. Still some good components of variety, just – when I was just about to enjoy myself...this part ruins it for me, slightly.

"The Pillars of R'leyh" is where the previous statements casts into characteristic, atmosphere is great and just does not fit within this sub-genre of choice, at least that is how I felt at the time. Thankfully, "Perish Or Die" brings back relentlessly riveting speediness, subjugating salubrious madness that slightly reminds me of MUNICIPAL WASTE with its comedic style songwriting memorability. Overall concluding the compilation with the finale song: "The Josein Blues"; which is another strange addition with its bluesy, psychedelic offering; I was enjoying an entertaining slab of gnarly Speed/Power Metal efficaciousness, until the 2nd portion slowed things down - unsurprisingly. Still, the borderline foundation is full of finesse and stampeding rampages of a mammoth scale – certainly worth discovering, and GENGHIS KHAN definitely outdone themselves.<

7 / 10









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"The Awakening/The Passage" Track-listing:

1. Genghis Khan
2. Legions
3. Barbaric Lust
4. Merciless Bitch
5. The Siege
6. Chariots
7. Beyond Death
8. The Passage
9. The Pillars of R'leyh
10. Perish and Die
11. The Jonesin Blues

Genghis Khan Lineup:

Struzzi - Vocals
Dave Blake - Drums
Brian Blake - Guitars
Keith Uram - Bass

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