The Inexorable End

Gathering Darkness

GATHERING DARKNESS has cast imposing shadows over the picturesque coastlines of Santander Spain since 1998. […]
By Kyle Scott
December 5, 2018
Gathering Darkness - The Inexorable End album cover

GATHERING DARKNESS has cast imposing shadows over the picturesque coastlines of Santander Spain since 1998. Not satisfied with their Doom/Death hybrid, they turned completely to the dark side by playing full-on Death Metal around 2004. With a vicious, uncut edge, GATHERING DARKNESS' original demos were messy, guttural productions that tried to maintain a melodic edge that all faded away with their debut Beholders of the Pain Planet. Today, GATHERING DARKNESS' sound comes in crystal clear thanks to improved production and recording on their blood-soaked EP, The Inexorable End. With avalanches of noise and bristling vocals that can curdle blood, GATHERING DARKNESS brings the shadows with them.

"We Fall" has piles of crunch to spare for its riffs; dissonant and bleeding profusely into the drum kit. The best first impression of GATHERING DARKNESS is probably "cranial-halving levels of noise". There is barely enough time to come up for air as tidal waves of riffs start cascading over and over your weak body. We go further down a rabbit hole of pain and darkness with the broken "Hermetic Circle". JhesuQ's drums fire off like uzis amidst thunderous cymbals. Vocalist Jose Lavin Cabello cannot hide the rage spilling from his throat and coating the walls in a thick spray.

Little is used in the means of preparing for the next song "Everything Dies Alone". It holds a weighty, unforgiving amount of silence destroying chords and carries a dark message that no one gets out of here alive, and no one will be around for your final hour. The final, title track "Gathering Darkness" is a dirty, pipe bomb with tons of riffs spilling out like spring coils, not unlike an unholy jack in the box but instead of a toy clown that pops out, it's just an endless amount of nightmares. The Inexorable End EP is available as a 7 inch vinyl.

8 / 10









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"The Inexorable End" Track-listing:

1. We Fall
2. The Hermetic Circle
3. Everything Dies Alone
4. Gathering Darkness

Gathering Darkness Lineup:

JhesuQ - Drums
Glos Molt - Guitars
Jose Lavin Cabello - Vocals
David - Guitars
Jhaldreen - Bass

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