Lux Aeterna

Gates Of Winter

This band has four members, with none of them being more than 25 years old. […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 29, 2008
Gates Of Winter - Lux Aeterna album cover

This band has four members, with none of them being more than 25 years old. They have just released their first full-length, a self-financed CD, and by checking the cover artwork, the booklet, the band's official website plus their MySpace page, I'd just like to say 'thank you' for their honest and hard work to fulfill their beliefs. Metal music (genre-free) needs such bands, no matter the music taste.
GATES OF WINTER decided to release this elegant album the first day of 2008. At the heart of winter, in other words. And, what an appropriate move this is, since sweet melancholy seems to be the strongest weapon of this Canadian act. Have not heard their self-titled EP (2005), but - if things have not changed that rapidly in the quartet's philosophy - I feel Lux Aeterna will strike followers of the Doom/Melodic/Prog/Symphonic/semi-Goth/Heavy combination of Metal features. Outside looking in (source: FATES WARNING anno 1994): a) great cover, depicting a melodious field atmosphere (statue/sky/colours), it'll definitely put you in the picture. Proceed: in a beautiful layout, with a characteristic palette, Lux Aeterna roll on smoothly and - as calmer parts divide energetic verses/choruses - I can observe a beautiful female voice offering nothing more or less than what's needed from a stylish guardian angel to fill in for. On the other hand, orchestral parts will travel you to endless misty gloomy grasslands and the emotions will change so rapidly due to the unique smartness of GATES OF WINTER in composing tunes that derive from so many intersecting 'ingredients'.
Need names? IRON MAIDEN, ICED EARTH, (mid-career) FATES WARNING, KAMELOT, CONCEPTION, ELEGY, EVERGREY, SYMPHONY X, OPETH, DARK TRANQUILLITY. Enough? All these, filled with progression, 'keys' art, artistic scope and - above all - neat will. 'Lux aeterna' stands for eternal light, and a review has just been written for one of the most striking unsigned bands. And, with an equally representative production, I'd (sic) demand a grand Metal label should ink deal with them...
P.S.:No need for a track-by-track analysis. Lux Aeterna should be treated as a whole emotional rescue. For, that it is...

8 / 10


"Lux Aeterna" Track-listing:

Life Force Rapture
Burning Kingdom
- I: A Dark Affliction
- II: Heavenly Insurgence
- III: Lux Aeterna
The Wildwood Pariah
Winter Flight
Gates Of Winter
From the Flesh

Gates Of Winter Lineup:

Bryan Joseph Belleau - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Steve Angelo Furgiuele - Bass
Brian Holmes - Keyboards
Lee Maines - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

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