Gates of Paris

Gates of Paris

"Gates of Paris" is the debut album of French opera metal band GATES OF PARIS, […]
By Britney Twilley
December 18, 2018
Gates of Paris - Gates of Paris album cover

"Gates of Paris" is the debut album of French opera metal band GATES OF PARIS, released on November 30. The album features 12 tracks at just under an hour long. The band was founded by Remch Carrairou (KERION), composer and guitarist along with Chris Barberi, an author who helped write the story of the album. He recruited the help of fellow KERION bandmate, Steph Papasergio to play bass. Damien Rainaud (ONCE HUMAN) joined on drums and Raphael Dantes (EGO ABSENCE, SOULSPELL) joined as their vocalist. This album features several guest singers-Flora Spinelli (vocalist of KERION) and choirs by Phillip Giordana (FAIRYLAND). Several French guitarists recorded with the band on this album including Yann Mouhad (HAMKA), Stephen Forte (ADAGIO) and Olivier Lapauze (HEAVENLY).

The first song on the album, "Wieniawski Caprice, Op 181" features Flora Spinelli (Kerion). It is an opera using Henryk Wieniawski's "Etude Caprice", beginning the tour of Paris. The second song, "The Cabaret" begins with a narrative in French and moves to varied musical arrangements employing the use of acoustic guitar and accordion. This is the first song where the listener is really introduced to Paris. A beautiful acoustic instrumental introduces the third song, "Court of Miracles". The orchestra and soprano vocals in this song are fantastic. This song radiates happiness and energy.

"The Dress of Light Lady" is a cheerful song intertwining the use of the accordion, piano and acoustic guitar. The guitar solos of Olivier Lapauze are breathtaking, and the vocals of Raphael Dantas are filled with passion and emotion. Skip forward to track six, "Ghost of the Seine". This song is heavily influenced by old world French music that was played by bards and minstrels toward the end of the eighteenth century. "Napoleon's Circus Show" has an elegant melody and symphony that flows effortlessly. This song is more along the lines of tradition symphonic power metal. Yann Mouhad (ANTHROPIA) stuns with spectacular guitar solos. "Temple of Swing" incorporates jazz with lively choirs and a theatrical feel.

Track ten is "Gargoyle's Shadow" which uses an impeccable orchestra, pretty choirs and soprano voices to create an extravagant sound. "The Mysteries of Paris" is another song with great influence from French music, with the use of the piano, accordion and violins. This song is full of life. The album ends the same way it began with "Wieniawski Caprice, Op 182". This song again showcases the voice of Flora Spinelli (KERION). The subtlety and refinement of the song is a great way to close the doors on this tour of Paris.

This album is not just opera metal. It is heavily influenced by folk music, gypsy music and traditional French music. This can be seen with the use of accordion, violin, piano and bagpipes. The album is a historical journey through Paris, touching on Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, Napoleon, the Seine and more. According to the band the album was created to let the listener "discover the mythical places of Paris, the city of light, through the centuries." Remch Carrairou, with his new band, GATES OF PARIS, have made a musical tribute to his home country's capital, Paris.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Gates of Paris" Track-listing:

1. Wieniawski Caprice, Op 181
2. The Cabaret
3. Court of Miracles
4. The Dress of Light Lady
5. Catacombs
6. Ghost of the Seine
7. Napoleon's Circus Show
8. Temple of Swing
9. Louvre
10. Gargoyle's Shadow
11. Mysteries of Paris
12. Wieniawski Caprice, Op 182

Gates of Paris Lineup:

Raphael Dantes - Vocals
Remch Carrairou - Guitars, Composer
Steph Papasergio - Bass
Damien Rainaud - Drums

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