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Injecting The Venom


GANG is a French Metal band and they play traditional Heavy Metal with a touch […]
By Paulomaniaco
April 16, 2014
Gang - Injecting The Venom album cover

GANG is a French Metal band and they play traditional Heavy Metal with a touch of Thrash and Power Metal. At times sounding like an American band, actually when they started out in 1990 they called themselves GUSH X MONIKER. The name was changed in 1993 to GANG funnily enough the debut album's name was entitled "1993". Since then they have released four more albums, "Unknown But Surely Evil", "Piece Of War", "Dead Or Alive" and "V" which was released in 2010, anyways, four years have passed and now they have released a brand new album called "Injecting The Venom" and they do not disappoint with this new effort.

The onslaught of good riffs, American style vocals even though Bill is French, he reminds me of Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER and at times a little bit of CAGE. Tracks like "Man Of Sorrows" very much a classic Heavy / Power sounding with melodic solos and sharp vocals and catching chorus and I am not fooling around. However "All The Fool Around" shall pay the price if you do not pay attention for this very fine French band, when I think about French Metal bands all that comes to my mind is: SORTILEGE, ADX, KILLERS, NIGHTMARE, SATAN JOKERS, TRUST, I can say that GANG have lived up to my high expectations with a very fine Metal album, melodic, fast and slow tempo, they are indeed a fine French Metal band,

I mean you got love or hate the French right? hahahah, they really know how to deliver good food and for sure they can also deliver excellent Metal bands on the plate, so Bon Appetit because this is a great dish.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Injecting The Venom" Track-listing:

1. Primal Reign
2. Dying World
3. Chaos For Glory
4. Man Of Sorrows
5. Midnight
6. If Heaven Is Hell
7. The King Became God
8. Stage Of Disgrace
9. All Of The Damned
10. Behind The Gate
11. All The Fool Around

Gang Lineup:

Philty - Bass
Biggy - Lead Guitars
Steve - Rhythm Guitars / Backing Vocals
Bill - Vocals
Malo - Drums

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