On the Shore of Life


Australian musicians are usually quite well trained and experienced when you get to hear them. […]
By Metal Wim
December 24, 2021
Galaxy - On the Shore of Life album cover

Australian musicians are usually quite well trained and experienced when you get to hear them. GALAXY is no exception, because these guys form the Melbourne area have the music down to a fine art when it comes to this "On the Shore of Life" album, their first full length to be released. This is very good heavy rock with metallic influences and even some prog mixed in when it fits the scene.

GALAXY was formed in 2017 and after extensive practice and play they released an EP in 2019 titled "Lost from the Start". Now, just over two years on, they are taking their adventure to a whole new level with the revealing of "On the Shore of Life". And it's a rather notable musical path they are following. I hear some very early JUDAS PRIEST passing by, especially in the guitar sound. But there's some METALLICA and THE RODS travelling through my headphones, and it's a very pleasurable sensation to hear.

The music varies from very slow and deliberate to a reasonably fast pace and intensity, plus everything in between. It really is top notch. Thus far I can only describe the listening to the music as sensational. But there is a big drawback when it comes to the vocals. I'd rather have never heard the higher notes of Philip T. King, as they are actually damaging my eardrums in the worst way possible. I wouldn't have minded if that only happened once in a while, but he keeps it up during the first half of the album.

Thankfully he decides to lower it all for a few octaves in the second half, and all of a sudden, the experience is a lot better, my eardrums start itching to hear more of these heavenly sounds. I just wonder how it comes to pass that nobody has had the audacity to tell the guy that he sounds like a cat in heat when he uses that higher voice but sounds like a roaring lion when he lowers it. And that the latter is to be preferred at all times, without exception.

I therefore feel that "On the Shore of Life" is a game of two halves. One when the perfect music is being overshadowed by the excruciating vocals, the other when the notes of the musicians and the singer are in harmony with each other. Guys, please do us a favour and don't kick Philip in the balls anymore or provide him with a thong that is too tight. He could make better use of loose boxer shorts and pants, so his gonads have room to breathe.

7 / 10









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"On the Shore of Life" Track-listing:

1. Bright Stars
2. Valentine
3. Gemini
4. Daughter in the Distance
5. Bargaining
6. Firelight Palaver
7. On the Shore of Life
8. We Enter the Door of Death Alone

Galaxy Lineup:

Philip T. King: Vocals
Stu Callinan: Guitars
Cam Roberts: Guitars
Tim Anderson: Bass
Joel Taylor: Drums

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