Progressive Metalcore project from India, GAIA, was formed by multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary. He collaborated with […]
November 8, 2018
Gaia - Aerial album cover

Progressive Metalcore project from India, GAIA, was formed by multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary. He collaborated with several other musicians, and noted that their presence helped shape some of the direction of the album. "Aeiral" is their debut release, and contains ten tracks.

"Aerial" is an instrumental that opens with a slow and steady rhythm of thumping guitars, bass and drums, with bells ringing overtop, and ambient keys in the background. Something about the lead guitar reminds me of Joe Satriani, in terms of how he grabs a hold of the melody line and doesn't look back. "Atlantis" opens with deep Death vocals and heavy and aggressive riffing. The song is more in the Deathcore genre for me than anything else. But the clean vocals seem almost out of place a bit. "Cipher" opens with a bit of melody. Semi-distorted guitars and clean vocals ring out with restraint, and the heavy rhythms are barely there. It has sad and melancholic tones as well. "Daisy World" is both shorter and faster, and more intense. This time, the clean and harsh vocals combine in equal parts, creating a track that springs to life, especially the lead guitar work towards the end.

"Elements" opens with guarded and mysterious tones, until the main riff comes in, with heavy staccato accents. The clean vocals work very well here, with the aggressive nature of the guitar work. "Jehova" kind of fades in with a heavy and faster moving sound, and a riff that climbs and descends. The vocals are absolutely raging short Death grunts. Clean vocals come in at the chorus and wash away some of the grittiness of the earlier passages. "Nebulous" comes straight at you with a chaotic opening and one of the longest screams I have ever heard. The structure of the song is intact from a creative riff and the vocals rage long and hard. The clean vocals provide some mystery within the chaos, and some relief from the rage. "New Reality" is another melancholic piece with mostly clean vocals, but some Death vocals bring more texture to the song. "Prism" opens with clean and melodic guitar notes mixed in with some heavier distorted guitars. It's much more poignant in nature and the somber tones are felt deeply.

"Reclamation" closes the album, with alluring clean vocals and a dreamy opening sequence. He Death vocals give it an obvious edge but don't take away from the melodies. Overall, I really enjoyed the album. There was enough diversity to keep things fresh. Some of the songs were brutal and heavy, while others were melodic and sensible. The album really did a nice job of straddling several genres as well. I would say that this album was a hit and that I can't wait to see what they come with up next.

8 / 10









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"Aerial" Track-listing:

1. Aerial
2. Atlantis
3. Cypher
4. Daisy World
5. Elements
6. Jehovah
7. Nebulous
8. New Reality
9. Prison
10. Reclamation

Gaia Lineup:

Abhiruk Patowary - Guitars
Ro Han - Guitars
Nathan Bulla - Drums
Siddharth Chair - Vocals
David Chunn - Vocals
Sahil Khurana - Vocals

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